Friday, June 25, 2021

June 25th

 June 25th     

Happy Friday! 

Hope everyone is preparing for the heatwave! Our furry friends have been taking full advantage of the AC so not a lot of activity today! 

Almond was one of the only ones interested in the heat and the catio today! 

Bisbee is in love with the window seat! Everyday all day he can be found enjoying the view and the breeze : )

Blee was being especially playful today! He was careful not to roll into the sunny! 

Bootsie is another who will not give up the catio! She loves the cat cabins : )

Braveheart was being too playful on the stairs! I was worried that she would roll down them but she has too much skill for that!

Chef is back! He was busy exploring the office right off the bat!

Clovis is dealing with the heat the way we all wish we could! A good long nap : )

AC is the best espeically if you want to snuggle in the heat with your bestie! Louis and Dizzy are showing us how it is done : )

Edgar is out and about today! While everyone else is napping, he is busy exploring everyone's condos!

Einstein spent the morning in the catio but even said the heat was too much and decided to head inside for a nap in his condo! 

Frodo is all about the naps but only if he can do it while in my lap as I'm writing this blog : )

Joni has also decided that she found her favorite place! She loves hanging out under the computer!

Kiwi is another cat who knows what he wants and where to get it! What a sleepy man : )

Kuma went home today and we miss him already! What a cutie! 

Maks decided that he was too warm for his bed and blanket! What a good way to cool down! Smart guy : )

These two troublemakers decided that a quiet day is alright every once and awhile! Otis and Ollie sure are silly sleepers too!

Pan says, "Don't bother me! Cannot you see I'm napping!"

Pancakes would never give up the catio! Not even for a cuddle... well maybe : )

Primrose is being such a snuggly cuddly girl! It was hard to get any photos between her wiggling and demand for scratches! 

Puss N Boots says, "You may have one photo where I am being cute and then I am taking a nap!"

Quarra is the master of the heat! She sticks her nose up at AC condos! 

Rocky, on the other hand, will never say no to AC! He has no interest in leaving his cool condo : )

Roger is on the hunt for the best napping place! I'm not sure if he has found it yet!

Junebug also went on a hunt but she decided that her condo was better than every other one: )

Samuel says, "Excuse me! How dare you disturb my beauty sleep!"

Sophie is back and settling in well! What a cute birthday girl : )

Terra and Luna each found their own little niches to slip into for a nap! 

Have a great start of the weekend! 

AMK Team 

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