Thursday, June 17, 2021

June 17th, 2021

 June 17th, 2021

It's Thursday, which REALLY means it's Friday Jr! A lovely sunny day here in Seattle, and all the kitties are having a blast.

Luna's loving the catio this afternoon!

Has Olive made a friend? Washi, her downstairs neighbor, greeted her when she came to say hello. This little gal is getting braver by the day, and is enjoying exploring the office!

Gorgeous Oreo just arrived today, and I think he's set his eyes on the window verandas...

We have a "new" Oyster with us today! That's right, TWO Oysters here at AMK. Our newest addition is making himself at home, as I interrupt nap time to take yawning photos :)

Our other Oyster has been lounging on the catio, whether it be on the shelves or on the floor. He's loving every breeze through his thick fur!

Phil Collins is always a favorite. He's quiet and sweet, always happy to see you, and loves a good cuddle.

I woke Mr. Purr-C up during his naptime, too. He's curled in the cool shade of his condo, making sure our blankets are up to par for his comfort levels. 

So many yawning pics today! Sleepy boy Roger found his perfect perch outside on the catio today.

I get so excited each day with Washi's continued progress. While he's been here a few times now, it has taken him a while to get out of his shell. But now, he loves exploring the office! 

I don't think Lord Greyson was entertained by my photography. That's ok, naptime pics are adorable!

Look at Gus!! Can you even handle it? He posed just purrfect for the camera earlier. 

Miss Junebug is also enjoying the lovely weather out today, and got lots of pets during her photoshoot!

A busy day for Juno - lots of sightseeing out the window veranda (can you see Mt. Rainier in the background?) followed by a good nap!

Miss Eve loves her pillow, whether she's cuddling up next to it or snuggled on top! 

Gabe can be so difficult to take photos of - he's just SO friendly! It's hard to get him to stay still because all he wants is your love :)

A BIG yawn from big boy Boo! His den is his favorite place to be, though he has been known to go around saying hi to his friends!

Bucky is a guest I am always happy to see. He's slowly growing into those big ears! His favorite spot is on top of the condos, but he spent some time sprawled on the floor with me for cuddles. 

Miss Chloe is the queen of the cattery - she loves being in her condo, on top of her den. It's one of the highest spots in the cattery, so she can keep an eye on everything going on. She's a playful little lady who enjoys attention whenever I walk by :)


That's all for today! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ahead of them. We'll check in with you on Saturday with even more friends than before!


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