Monday, June 21, 2021

June 21, 2021

 June 21, 2021

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hope these cuties help you start the week off right! 


It is a very warm day today so everyone decided sleeping was the best option! 

Washi has had a very active day between naps and soccer (check out the pictures below)!

Rocky knows his way around! On a hot day, he decided the tile floor is the best place to sleep!

Quarra is a new arrival today! We are happy to have her back! She is settling in well : )

Pancakes did not want to have a picture taken! He was too playful! What a cutie!

Ollie and Otis have decided observation is the best participation! 

Olive was so playful today! Her eye has always been on the prize :)

Olive made a new friend! And Frodo is very excited! 

Frodo wants to play all day today and has been very grump since Olive went for her nap :)

Mac and Marshall have decided to lead their new friends in a game of soccer!

                    Mac, Marshall, Frodo, and Washi are passing the toy between each other! The cutest soccer game I have ever seen! 

Kuma and Boo are chilling together! Group nap time is the best! 

Kiwi decided that group nap time wasn't for him up instead would not allow me back upstairs : )

Gus has taken his nap time very seriously today!

Grayson is going home today! We will miss him! 

Chloe has not wanted to move today and who can blame her! She has demanded plenty of cuddles though!

Blee is a new arrival! He is settling well and we are happy to have him back! 

Bisbee is not interested in soccer but he does love his afternoon nap : )

Arlo has been chilling on the catio all day! He loves the cool breeze that can be found at the top! 

Oyster decided that is this heat the catio was the way to go! What would be better than taking an afternoon nap with this cutie : )


Almond has chosen the box life today and it suits him well!   

Dizzy and Louis are also new arrivals today and we are happy to have them back! It is always fun to have more friends!

Junebug and Roger decided naps were best and were not very happy when I woke them up for their photo shoot! 

Juno is leaving us today! She spent the day enjoying the window seat before ending home :)

Last but not least! Einstein was our newest arrival! We are happy to have him back! 

We hope these cuties give you all the love you need to start your week! See you all on Wednesday!

AMK Team 

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