Sunday, June 13, 2021

June 13th, 2021

 June 13th, 2021

Happy Sunday, friends! It's a peaceful and sleepy day here at AMK. Most kitties are curled up and cozy today, but a handful of our furry feline friends have some energy.

Antoine hopped down from his usual spot (anywhere up high on the catio!) to say hello today.

Archer and Janeway are having a cozy day together in their condo. The door's open, but that bed is just too warm and comfortable!

Bazbeaux was maybe a little less than enthusiastic for me to come around taking photos. Sorry bud, you can get back to your nap!

Dexter and Tali were totally ready to be comfy and cozy today, too. 

Eve rolled around on the floor for a bit for her playtime today, but went back to her condo for nap time, too.


Lord Greyson's most favorite place to be is up on top of the condos at the top of the stairs, surveying the whole cattery!

Harry Potter is one of the kitties with a little bit more energy today, spending his time exploring and stretching his legs (and claws!). 

Harvey followed me around for photo time, making sure I got his good side during his model strut. 

Juno started the day with a nap in her kennel, and is ending the day with a nap in one of the window verandas. 

Kumo and Mika are two of our more shy babies in the cattery right now, but they still like to check out the catio and see what all it has to offer!

Playful gals Lizzie and Lila are having a blast today. Lila's been napping in her favorite bed (and pulling out all the model poses when I came by!) while Lizzie has been doing some hard work in the office. She heard there was a "mouse" around here somewhere...

Oyster's adventures have taken him far today. On top of the condos, exploring the cat tree, and adventures on the catio. 

Phil was dreaming of chasing butterflies when I woke him up to take his photo earlier. He's staying warm in his den today.

Rani and Thinley probably win the award for "Most Cozy". This brother-sister duo is staying warm in this dreary weather!

Roxanne greeted me with a warm hello today! She's a kitty that often greets customers when they come to pick up or drop off other kitties.

Beautiful Theo is shy, but enjoying her time here at AMK. She loves napping on her top shelf in her condo. 

Once again, a kitty has outwitted me - it took more time than I'm willing to admit to track down Zolo earlier... But of course, he'd just found the best seat in the house.

We hope everyone is having a restful and peaceful Sunday today, just like these kitties! 

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