Thursday, February 17, 2022

February 17th, 2022

 February 17th, 2022

It's Friday Jr! Even though Thursday doesn't have the same end of the week thrill that Friday gives us, it's still been a great day here. Thanks to Winter Break, next week is going to be super busy for us! I'm excited to see a bunch of my favorite familiar kitties. Is it weird to call them friends?... Well, anyway, let's see what my pals have gotten up to today.

Apollo has made some true friends this week! Roxanne loves to hang out with him in his condo, and he got a nice little nap session in with Stitch this afternoon. He really seems to be having a great time, and our bond is growing, too! He's become one of my favorite cuddle buddies.

Cindy continues to adore her perches up high - it's obviously her favorite spot. She's gotten several cuddles today, whenever she is within arm's reach!

Felix and Scarlett had a lovely, quiet day today. Felix sometimes will hop out of his condo and meow at me after I come back from my lunch break - he knows that it's the halfway point to dinner time, and he gets excited!

Customer service professional Kira continues to be the best greeter of all time. She's SO chatty and loves to say hi to everyone. When she's off her greeting duties, you can catch her napping either in her den or out on the catio!

Luna looks so perfectly perched in this photo! She just joined us yesterday, and is having a blast so far. She got to explore the office today, and enjoyed the sights from the window seat. I caught her just about to settle in for a nap earlier today.

This is Midge's first stay with us, and she's doing great! We noticed she liked being covered up in blankets on day 1, so we gave her an extra one for cushioning or more coverage. She's a big fan! She'll alternate between looking unbelievably cozy in her den to gazing out the window next to her condo.

Sweet Millie caught some fresh air nap time today, out on the catio in one of her favorite heated beds. Well, to be honest, any heated bed is Millie's favorite - that's why she's got one in her condo, too!

Roxanne's been busy! She and Apollo spend most of the day together, napping in the same general area, spending quality introvert time together. In the mornings, she and Millie usually start their day together, making their rounds about the cattery to see what's new. Roxanne is good at making friends!

Stitch looks so regal! He was perched on top of a condo earlier, and man, he can look SO tall and skinny sometimes! I love this little guy. We spent a lot of time snuggling today.

As you might have guessed, Yolk enjoyed his favorite pastime again today - birdwatching from the window seat! He also threw himself down dramatically at my feet and demanded pets. I'm not one to argue with him, so I gave him all the snuggles I had!

That's it for now! By the time we check in again on Saturday, we'll have more than doubled our current number of guests! I look forward to showing you even more of my pals then!


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