Thursday, February 3, 2022

February 3, 2022

 February 3rd 


Our furry friends are having a great Thursday!

Brutus and Hyra are having a grand time! Hyra loves finding her quiet place to perch and Brutus loves that attention! This afternoon, he climbed up my leg demanding snuggles! He is a very funny guy! 

Catsby and Cheese love Brownie and Miso! They can always be found hanging out together! Sadly, Brownie and Miso are heading home this afternoon! Catsby and Cheese are trying to make the most of it now!

Cindy has decided to be shy this morning! She is camped out on top of the condos! She loves the new blanket that I put up there and has been busy rolling around! 

Scarlett and Felix has decided to take a quiet day! We have many new friends in the office today! Both Scarlett and Felix are being very polite and letting them take the time to settle in! 

Jessica as always has been busy today exploring and playing with Yolk! Jessica and Yolk spent the morning playing with each other in the door way! It was very cute and I tried very hard not to disturb them! 

Jinx loves his basket! He sits right across from Marie's cat, Charles, and together they survey the catio! When they are not outside, they are both doing the same from the tops of the condos! 

Kira has been everywhere today! She loves to explore! But she is always quick to come down and say hello! She is very curious about new furry friends! 

Maya is very chatty! She is always talking to me! The first photo is her greeting me after her nap! She is quick to let me know if she needs something! 

Oscar loves his banana toy! He loves napping with it in front of the heating vent! He decided that was where he would take his afternoon nap! He is such a sweetie! 

Phoebe loves her condo! She is not very interested in exploring but she loves to watch the birds out the window! Today, we had a large flock of crows visit us and she has been glued to the window! 

Quincy loves the baskets! I put a number of baskets on top of his condo for them to dry! Quincy has decided that they are all his now! He loves laying and hiding in them even though they are still damp! 

Roxanne has been helping me on the computer today! She is currently sleeping behind me as we share the chair and I type this out! She loves to run into the computer cabinet right as I close the door! I think she is laughing at me! 

Scout is very playful! He loves to roll around on top of the condos! He loves to play with my hair and sweatshirt! He is such a sweetie!

Theo has started to do some exploring! She is really warming up and likes to come say hello when I greet her! She is very shy and likes to watch everything without the attention! What a cute wallflower! 

Yolk has been out and about today! He has been busy exploring but he is always ready for a good head rub and snuggle time! 

Cat Fun Facts! Studies suggest that domesticated cats first appeared around 3600 B.C.! By studying ancient cat DNA from all over the world, the researchers found that cat domestication began in the Fertile Crescent (in the Neolithic period) and accelerated later in ancient Egypt (in the Classical period)!

If you have further interest, below are some good articles on the subject!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and we will see you all on Saturday!



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