Monday, February 7, 2022

February 7th, 2022

 February 7th, 2022

The week is off to a great start here at AMK! Our sweet kitties are having a wonderful, easy start to their week. Let's see what everyone is up to!

Yolk is loving the window seats back upstairs! Definitely his favorite spot to hang out - he'll spend all day in there.

We had Scout scheduled in our office for this stay to see if it helped him feel more comfortable - I think it's a success! He's been exploring the office today, and though he's still a little nervous about the other kitties, he's definitely improving.

Roxanne is having a lovely day lounging on the catio! Her beautiful blue eyes show up so well on camera.

Little lion of a kitty, Quincy, has split his time between enjoying the garden views on the catio shelves to napping in the warm beds inside.

Phoebe is such a cutie! Look at that little lick! She heads home tomorrow, and we're definitely going to miss hanging out with her. 

Long time customer Millie is with us for a little while. She's staying in her favorite condo, and enjoying her midday naps out on the catio inside the heated baskets.

Maya enjoys pondering life's curiosities while perched on the shelf outside. She always greets me when I'm serving breakfast each morning with sweet enthusiasm!

Marley is keeping cozy in his den today. It's a little cloudy right now, a great time for a snuggly little nap. Do you think he'll let me join him?

Kira really loves her condo! She's staying with us for a good little while, so it makes me very happy to know she is satisfied with her rooming situation. She is kind enough to let her other feline friends hop up and hang out with her when they like. 

King and Tut both spent plenty of quality time on the catio today, one of their favorite spots to hang out. There's always something new to see - especially since we've had our hedges trimmed! We've got a beautiful view of Rainier on clearer days.

Goose is being a very polite little lady today, snuggled in her den. She comes out to get some love each morning before breakfast, and then is ready to spend her day lounging around her luxurious space.

Felix and Scarlett are a sleepy pair today! Felix has really figured out how to maneuver and manipulate his blanket, so sometimes he's on it, and sometimes he's under it! 

Cindy spent most of her free time soaking up all the human attention she can possibly get! She's a sweet, tiny little gal - always interested in a little cuddle.

Chef's preferred perch is on the top of my desk! A nice, comfy bed up there just makes sense. He loves observing the office quietly from his perch.

Calliope has been a pretty shy gal so far, but she's definitely loving the window seat! She spends most of her days either sitting there or curled up in her bed. She's been very sweet to me, letting me give her lots of love and pets!

And last but not least, we have Abigail - Abigail just joined us yesterday, so she's still trying to figure out what everyone's deal is. It seems like Millie is interested in her, so maybe these two ladies will become pals while they're here!

That's it for today, folks! As always, feel free to email us if you have any questions or could use a few more photos of your baby. We'll see you again on Wednesday!


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