Monday, February 21, 2022

February 21, 2022

February 21st

  Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 

All of our furry friends are having a relaxing day! We have a lot of cats coming in and leaving today! 

Celine has been out and about today! She loves the condos at the top of the stairs and is happy to share the space with the other cats! 

Chloe loves the heating pad on top of the condo! It is right next to the heating vent! She loves it almost as much as she love snuggles!

Dorothy loves her basket! She is quick to come to say hi or see what type of shenanigans are happening downstairs! 

Elsie is slowly warming up to us! She loves exploring different condos and today she was interested in getting to know our team! She is always clear on what she wants! 

Francine and Maureen are settling in well! Maureen did a lot of exploring of her condo today while Francine explored the rest of the office.

Yuki, Rascal, and Scarlett all decided to hangout together this morning!
 Group naps are great! 

Scarlett and Felix are having a great start of the week! Felix was out exploring this afternoon! And Scarlett was being her usual playful self! 

Yuki is a cuddle monster! She loves hanging out with other cats and napping in my lap as I work on this blog! Hana is more introverted! She loves her condo!

Kira is out exploring the tops of the condos today! She loves being up high to observe the cats arriving and leaving on Mondays! 

Tut and King have a routine down! Every morning, they run around like crazy on the catio! Every afternoon, they head up to their condo for a good nap! 

Kuro enjoys the top shelf above the entry! He can nap peacefully knowing that he is at the highest point in the room! 

Loki S.  was everywhere today! He loves to snuggle but only on his terms! He is not interested in people that are too touchy! 

Loki J. spent most of his day on the catio! He loves the sunshine! He is obsessed with the birds that come to our feeders! 

Luna is a sweetie! She is very curious about everything that is going on and loves to explore! 

Waffles was feeling a little bit shy today! She chose to hangout in her condo! It is at the center of the room where she does not need to move to see everything! She is very nosy! 

Monkey was also out and about today! He loves to be wherever the sunshine is! He loves chilling in the sun and I cannot blame him! 

Murphy is very sweet! He loves to give love! He also did some exploring today and found the window boxes! He loves those as well! 

Oreo is very elegant! She loves hanging out at the top of the stairs or out on the catio! She is quick to find any action to watch!

Rascal made a friend today! At first, he was very confused why Yuki come to visit! He was happy to share his space with her and then Scarlett as well! 

RB is very playful and is quick to let you know when he needs some attention! Over than playing with our toys, he enjoys climbing up to sit on my shoulders! 

Rocky has settled in quickly! He loves his basket and has decided to stay there for the day! I will lead him inside later today with food, his favorite motivator! 

Skylar decided that today was a good day to stay inside! He loves his basket and is quite happy to leave the misadventures to the other cats! 

Tuckerman loves the catio! It is hard to convince him to come inside at night! He makes his way to the top of the stairs every afternoon where he waits patiently for his dinner! 

Fun Cat Fact! It’s believed that catnip produces an effect similar to LSD or marijuana in cats. The effects of nepetalactone — the chemical in catnip that can makes cats crazy — wears off within 15 minutes, and won’t surface again for a few hours, even if your cat remains in sniffing distance!

See you all on Wednesday!



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