Saturday, February 5, 2022

February 5, 2022

 February 5th

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Our Furry Friends hope you are having fun on your adventures! Today, a lot of our kitties here are having adventures in friendships! 

Puss 'N' Boots and Bootsie have settled in quickly! Puss loves hanging out on the top of the condo and out in the catio! Bootsie loves her condo! She loves her fuzzy heating pad! She is very warm and cozy!

Catsby and Cheese are missing their friends who head home yesterday! Cheese was not very interested in playing but he did a good head scratch! Sorry that the photos are so dark; I could not get the settling right on my phone. Catsby was ready to play and was very interested in the feather toy!

Cindy was hanging everywhere today! She was on the move and could not be stopped for anything! Except the birds, she loves watching them on the bird feeders in the garden! 

Felix has warmed up a lot! He now makes sure to come out and say hi and get a head rub every morning and afternoon! Scarlett has taken to riding around on my shoulders as I clean! She lets me know if I missed a spot!

Jessica loves a good head rub! She is always quick to come over and demand a scratch! We will be sorry to see her head home tomorrow! 

Jessica and Jinx are in love with the feathered toy! They played all morning! 

Jinx loves playing with the feathered toys! When he is not playing, he is waiting patiently for his turn! 

King and Tut love the condos at the top of the stairs! We moved some kitties around because they both wanted their old condo back! King was not very interested in the feathered toy but Tut loves it! Tut also likes to hangout with me and enjoys cuddles! 

Kira is very curious about everything! She loves to explore, play with toys, and receive good head massages! She is sure to let you know if you can do better! 

Marley has been busy exploring today! He loves to wonder around and make friends! He is very curious and wants to know what everyone else is doing! 

Maya was out all day yesterday so she decided that today was a good day to stay inside her condo! She loves her basket and enjoyed playing with the toys from the comfort of her bed! 

Goose has been busy exploring her condo today! She was not interested in adventuring out, but she was happy with a good back massage!

Oscar is a lover not a fighter! There is nothing he likes better that a good snuggle! He loves rolling around after a clean his condo every morning! 

Phoebe did some exploring today and yesterday! Today, she discovered the closest! After smelling everyone's carrier, she decided that her condo and bird watching were much better activities! 

Quincy loves the catio! Everyday, he patrols the catio and sees what changed in the night! Every afternoon, he heads to his favorite cat cabin for a small rest! At the end of the day, he is patiently waiting in his condo for his dinner! He is a cat who loves routine! 

Roxanne loves the catio! She also loves playing with the toys! I did not get a photo but she was running around like a crazy cat as soon as she saw all the new toys! 

Scout S. loves to cuddles! As soon as he sees you, he will immediately lay on his back and start to purr! He loves playing with the new feathered toy! 

Scout O.  has done a lot of exploring of his condo! Although the door is opened, he has been more content to watch everything happen from his doorway! He loves sniffing my hands in greeting and has eaten many treats! 

Spark was out this morning! Once the other cats came out, he decided to head back to his condo! He loved the rubber brush especially to rub down his back!

Theo loves her condo! She loves to watch everything from her perch by the entrance! She loved playing with the new feather toy as long as it did not enter her home! 

Yolk was happy to explore the window boxes today! He was a very relaxed and sleepy guy! He was all about the belly rubs and head massages! 

Zelda loves her condo and heated bed! I do not think we would be able to pay her to give up her heated bed! She immediately snuggled down and purred when she was warm! 

Cat Fun Fact! Most world languages have a similar word to describe the “meow” sound!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday!



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