Wednesday, February 23, 2022

February 23rd, 2022

 February 23rd, 2022

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We're making it through the week here. I hope everyone had a fun "Twos Day" yesterday! Let's see what the kitties are up to today.

Waffles mostly enjoys spending time in her condo - she's got a heated bed in there, so I can't blame her - but I caught her looking out over the cattery from this high perch earlier today!

Tuckerman really loves being out on the Catio. Even on the chilly days, he knows where to snuggle up to stay warm - the heated cat cabins! If I haven't seen him in a minute, it's because he's napping in one of these dens.

Believe it or not, Mr. Rocky Rockstar here actually was curled up napping in that basket earlier! He's a big, tough guy, so it's so funny and cute to see him pick such a sweet place to take a nap.

RB is a super handsome, young fella who is bouncing off of the walls! He's got tons of energy, and he's bringing a LOT of entertainment to both staff and kitties alike. 

Rascal's been getting lots of snuggles here lately! He warmed up to us immediately after he got here, and he's been so kind to the other kitties, too! I snapped a picture of tiny Francine sneaking up to his condo to nap in his bed. Even though she has her own, Rascal loved having her visit for a little while.

Patrick found a great perch out on the catio to enjoy the lovely weather today!


This is Oreo's favorite place to nap. I usually have to carry this big ol' Maine Coon gal down to her condo for dinner time. Even the delicious scent of dinner can't make her part with her favorite nap spot!

Look at handsome Murphy!! He has been curled up in my lap for a lot of today. We snuggled and snuggled while I answered emails. He's a sweetie!

Mika liked Waffles' idea to perch up high today - but she discovered she liked a different spot a bit better. The top of a condo at the top of the stairs provides a GREAT view of the whole cattery!

Loki J. spends a lot of his day outside! He likes the catio a lot, and I think the warm beds certainly help. 

Loki S. usually spends a little time outside on the catio, but heads inside to stay cozy in his den before too long.

Kuma looks a lot like Loki S! We could almost get them mixed up, but their personalities are a little different. Kuma really likes cuddles, so he's always interested in a quick snuggle. 

Kira took a break from greeting today, since we had no kitties coming or going! She got to catch up on her beauty sleep, which is very important for a gorgeous girl like her.

King and Tut soaked up the sunlight out on the catio today! I love these sweet boys, they're a joy to have around.

Speaking of a joy to have around, Jules! He's so handsome and friendly. I know I can trust him around any grumpy cat and he'd never start a fight. He was hanging out with Dorothy this morning, another sweet gal.

Izzy did some exploring today! She found a nice little nook on the shelf to hang out in that gives her a good vantage point of the cattery. 

Lovely ladies Hana and Yuki both did exploring outside of their condo today. Usually Yuki is out and about while Hana snoozes in their den, but they both got to stretch their legs today.

Sweet goofballs Francine and Maureen had a great day! Maureen is getting more comfortable now - she's started finding her own favorite spots to perch and nap! She was on top of the desk today, keeping a watchful eye on me while I did my work. Francine helped out by cracking me up throughout the day with her various shenanigans. These girls keep me smiling!

Scarlett and Felix were up to their usual stuff today - Felix holding down the fort, and Scarlett out and about. Scarlett actually snuggled with me for a while in between my sessions with Murphy - she gave me kisses galore, and loved the special attention.

Beautiful Elsie spent her day luxuriating in her condo. She's a big fan of her cozy basket, but she likes to get up and stretch her legs every now and then, too!

Sweet Miss Dorothy got those good rays of sunshine today. The cattery always feels so vibrant on these bright days! It's got me excited for Spring.

Last but not least, sweet Chloe! Back in her favorite spot, as expected. I love how the kitties all have their own preferences!

That's it for today! We'll be back on Friday with our gang of kitties to brighten your day. See you then!


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  1. Oh my! Loki and kuma do look alike! Honestly, i can't tell which is mine on the pics! 🤣 glad he's exploring, if only a bit, on his terms, of course... love your blog. 😀