Sunday, February 27, 2022

February 27, 2022

 February 27th 

We are having a wonderful weekend here at All My Kitties! 

All of furry friends are taking a relaxing day to enjoy the nice weather! Spring is in the air! 


Tuckerman is back in his favorite cat cabin! Every morning and evening, he is at the top of the stairs waiting for his meal! If you are looking for him any other time, he will be out on the catio in his cabin! 

RB loves to explore! Recently, he has taken to exploring the catio! He loves it! 

Rascal has been everywhere the past couple of days! His favorite spot though is on top of the printer! He loves to help me with the paperwork! 

Otis is a sweetie! He is a very chatty guy who loves to snuggle! We are happy to have him back! 

Oreo has many admirers! She loves to show off for arriving customers! 

Murphy has steadily gotten more comfortable the last few days! He is an absolute love monster! He has also discovered the toys today and has been playing all afternoon! 

Miss Kira is the best greeter in the business! Every cat and person in or out gets a proper Kira greeting! 

Izzy has been exploring! She loves to find an empty condo or a high shelf for her afternoon naps! She loves the quiet areas for her naps! 

Hana and Yuki love their warm blankets! Yuki is always sure to let me know when it is time for dinner! She will always come down off her high perch to let me know! 

Felix got two new blankets today and he loves them! He has been busy all day making a nest of them! Scarlet, on the other hand, just wants to snuggle! She loves sitting in my lap or on my shoulders! 

Elsie loves her baskets! Wherever she finds a basket, she will be there! She is not a fan of plastic baskets! She only wants the real deal or nothing! She also loves cleaning my hands for me! 

Dusty is slowly warming up! She is starting to become curious about everything going on outside her condo and what the other cats are up to! 

Coco and Lilly have made themselves right at home! Lilly loves the privacy at the top of the condos while Coco wants to be where the people are! 

Cat Fun Facts! Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed!

We will see you all on Tuesday! Have a wonderful start to your week! 



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  1. Thanks for posting the pics and comments. So reassuring to see our little Dusty slowly adjusting to her first exposure to so many cats..