Wednesday, February 9, 2022

February 9,

! February 9th

 Today is a sunny Wednesday here!

All of our furry friends are out and about enjoying the sunshine! 

Abigail is a very chatty gal! She likes to tell me about her day as I clean the catio! She loves the catio and is always concerned that I might try to change it! 

Apollo is a very playful guy! He loves to play with our staff or the number of toys that we have! He has established that he has a favorite condo for his afternoon naps! 

Calliope has decided that we are besties! She loves hanging out with me as I work on the computer! She is actually sitting behind me as I work on this blog now! 

Chef loves to watch what everyone else is doing! He especially likes to keep an eye on me as I work! He is also becoming friends with Scout! Check out the photos below for some cute ones of them together! 

Cindy has discovered the banana toy and she loves it! She is completely obsessed and has been napping with it all afternoon! 

Felix and Scarlett have come up with a routine that they like! Every morning, Felix scouts out the area and then heads into his basket! Scarlett rides on my shoulders as I clean out the litterboxes and then heads to the tops of the condo! The rest of the day is taken up by napping playing and looking cute! 

Moose loves her basket! She loves a good head scratch and a back rub! She also loves her fluffy blanket! 

Kira has been hanging out mostly on the catio today! She loves to greet every customer, new cat, and departing cat out in the catio! She was not very interested in playing with me and the feather toy! She was more interested in watching birds! 

Marley is a silly kitty! He loves finding a new condo every day for his naps! He is a great napper! He loves to yawn! Every time, I disturb him for a photo, he will give me a big yawn!

Millie loves the catio! She loves the heated beds and naps in the sun! She was interested in playing with me today! It was very cute! She loves to play as long as she does not have to move too much! 

Quincy was out and about today! He seemed annoyed when I showed him the feathered toy but he was very interested in watching everyone else play! He followed us around! 

Roxanne loves to play! She loves to roll around playing with different toys we have or even my shoe laces! She is all about play time all the time! 

Scout has really come out of his shell! He loves to explore and play with the different toys we have! He is even making friends! 

Scout and Chef are becoming good friends! They love to sit together in the afternoons! 

Yolk loves the window boxes! He can watch the bird feeder and today, long naps in the sunshine! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats walk like camels and giraffes: They move both of their right feet first, then move both of their left feet. No other animals walk this way!

We will see you all on Friday! Have a wonderful rest of your week!