Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February 1st, 2022

 February 1st, 2022

Howdy, folks! Man, it has been BUSY around here today! Sorry the blog is going up a little later than usual - and please forgive me if I missed anyone, I have been running around like crazy today. The kitties have all been on their best behavior, I just had several check ins and check outs scheduled for today that ended up throwing off my routine a little. No worries, though - I knocked out my to-do list and I'm back on track for the afternoon!


Before we jump in to today's gang of kitties, I just wanted to tell you a funny story. This morning, I kept hearing a weird noise. It sound like a growl, almost, but much softer and quieter. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I started to think maybe it wasn't even the kitties making the noise... Then I realized Marie's cat, Charles, was snoring on top of the condo just out of sight! Mystery solved.


Bella and Luna have had a great day today. They get to head home tomorrow, and we're definitely going to miss them! I love when Luna hops down from her perch to say hi to me, and Bella's still letting me get closer and closer each day. I feel like the next time they stay with us, we might even become friends!

Catsby, Cheese, Brownie, and Miso have become SUCH inseperable pals that we removed the barrier between their condos so they can all hang out all the time. So far, everyone seems to be liking it! There's more space for all involved, they can share their comfy, cozy things, and they get to spend as much time together as they want. We so rarely see kitties spend time together like this, it feels so special! I'm excited for the friendship blossoming between these four.


Hyra seemed more interested in being an "indoor" kitty today than roaming outside. She did hop onto the catio for a brief moment, but really spent the bulk of her day napping in their den. Brutus, of course, continued his routine of following me around demanding pets while I'm working. As usual, I can never say no!

Miss Cleo enjoyed her regular activities, supervising from on high. 

Felix (who I just noticed isn't pictured - so sorry!) spent his day curled up in his den, as usual. Scarlett did a bit of adventuring for the both of them, everything from condo tops to window seats. They tend to enjoy different things throughout their day.

Sweet Jessica had a blast today, too. She's such a sweetie. I probably repeat the same things about her every time - it's just that she's a genuinely good cat! I love having her around, especially since she totally gets our routine. She makes my life easier AND better for being in it!

Jinx enjoyed his usual activities, being large and in charge around the cattery. He's stayed with us so many times, he hardly has more than a few seconds of an adjustment period. He hops out of his carrier and immediately is ready to begin his little vacation!

Kira just joined us the other day for a nice long stay. Today, she spent most of her morning getting her condo up to snuff. Making sure her blankets were nice and comfortable, checking out the view from her shelves, and generally settling in for her stay.

Oscar's BFF Frankie left today! :( While I know Oscar will miss his buddy, I think he's starting to get along with Roxanne, too. They're upstairs/downstairs neighbors. Perhaps Oscar will make yet another pal during his stay!

Phoebe got all the love, pets, and brushes today. She really enjoyed nuzzling my hand and getting those good ear scratches this morning. I can tell she's feeling much more comfortable with us now than she did when she first arrived. Realizing we take things at her pace seems to have relieved a lot of stress!

Roxanne really likes sprawling out and rolling around on the floor. She manages to stretch some incredible distances, often reaching for us humans as she does. She kept my office chair warm for me today while I was up and moving around, and I am very thankful.

Theo decided she was done with her carrier as her bed, and swapped it out for one of our regular dens. Now, she has a bit more space in her condo and can move around to sit on her shelf and watch the other kitties!

Of course, last but not least, we have Yolk! He took a lazy day today and spent most of his time napping, but he did run outside to enjoy the sunshine for a little while! Life's about balance, and today's balance involved snoozing.

That's it for today! More kitties coming at you again on Thursday for our next blog. We'll see you then!


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