Friday, February 11, 2022

February 11, 2022

 February 11th

Happy Friday!

Our furry friends are relaxing into the weekend! 
Quick Question - Would any of your cats dress up like the cuties above? Have you tried/What happened when you did?

Abigail was out and about today making friends! She loves the catio and is enjoying the sun and warmer days! The first photo is a cat conference that I was not invited to! 

Apollo was running around like crazy today! It was difficult to get a good photo of him! He was also interested in saying hi to everyone! Millie and he are thinking about becoming friends! 

Calliope is a snuggle bug! She does not want to be picked up and cuddled and she wants to be laying against me at all times! 

Chef was feeling a little bit grumpy today! He was not interested in having his photo taken and was very offended when I tried! He likes to play with Scout so I left them to it! 

Cindy has to explore everywhere before she decides where she wants to take her afternoon nap! She is never interested in the same place twice! 

Scarlett likes to hangout with me every morning as I answer the first emails then she finds a new place to nap! Felix has been steadily warming up to me! Yesterday and today, he has started to offer me his paw as if to say, "yes, you may pet this only!" 

Goose loves the quiet life! She likes the small things in life; good food, a warm bed, and a nice head rub! Someone comes to visit, she is fine with it as long as you don't disturb the peace! 

Kira has been a part of many cat conferences today! She has a lot to say on the matter and is quick to tell me everything that has happened! She likes to hangout by the catio entrance as well in order to greet every new cat that comes in! 

Marley of the musical beds! Every day he tries out a bed one! So far, he does not have a favorite but maybe he will decide soon! He does seem to like Scout's condo a lot! 

Millie has been very social today! She was a part of the great cat conference! And was seen on multiple occasions associating with Apollo! She always looks most offended when I come over to see what's up! 

Quincy was not into gossiping with the other kitties! He was more interested in his patrols of the catio and making his way to his favorite catio basket! It is right in the middle where he can seen everything inside and outside! 

Roxanne is a socialite! She was always wants to be where the people are! All the other cats are gathering around, she will lay down right in the middle of it! It is very funny to see! 

Yolk and Scout are put together today because they are new BFFs! They have been in inseparable all day! They love to play! They have been very gentle with each other and take turns grooming each other! It is very cute to see! They have even brought each other toys! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats have a unique “vocabulary” with their owner — each cat has a different set of vocalizations, purrs and behaviors!

See you all on Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend! 



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