Sunday, October 17, 2021

October 17th, 2021

October 17th, 2021

Happy Sunday! It's been a lovely day here at AMK. Our gang of kitties have spent the morning burning off some energy so they can all curl up for their afternoon naps! Let's take a peek at what everyone got up to today.

Apollo has been a real sweetie this stay! He wiggled his way into a cozy cubby hole on a shelf in the wall. He can (and does!) get himself in and out of this little nook, but he looked very comfortable in an unexpected spot.

Archie's little feets were hanging off of his shelf today! What a distinguished gentleman. He's been a cozy cutie for this stay, a lovely little guy to get to hang out with.

Boomer and Ellis continue to get more comfortable with us here! Exploring more and more each day, they both know where their beds are and are great at our daily routines. The boys are always back in their condo for dinner time!

Bootsie and Puss N Boots are polar opposites in several ways - Puss N Boots loves exploring the catio, lounging out in the open, while Bootsie tucks into some cozy corners to keep cozy and quiet during her day. But both kitties adore the warmth of their baskets!

Brutus and Hyra got some quality time out on the catio today! Both of them enjoy getting some bird watching in as well as finding a nice spot to settle down for an outdoor nap.

Cosmo loves her cozy little condo! She's a great guest who got lots of cuddles today. We've loved getting to know her during this stay!

Felix and Scarlett kept busy today! Felix explored a tiny bit outside of his den, while Scarlett was all over the place. She found a comfortable bed to roll around and be cute in. These two siblings are fun little opposites.

Frida and Higgins have had a great day today, too. Higgins got some time to himself without his little sister while he was out in the window seat, but he also loves hanging out on the top shelf of their condo. Frida bounced all over the place today, keeping herself entertained with our many toys available to the kitties and introducing herself to the other kitties in the office. 

Harrington loves a good seat on top of the condos so he can see what everyone is up to down below! He's a super handsome guy who is enjoying his time exploring our office.

Jasmine found a few nice spots to hang out today, both on a shelf and inside a cozy den! She's got plenty of options for exploration AND nap time - the best of both worlds. 

Jinx adores the catio and spends his days bird watching and greeting all the customers that stop by. He's practically a mascot for AMK! Such a fun social little guy.

Jubilee spent a long time in my lap this morning, curled up and getting LOTS of pets. After our snuggle session, he found a good spot to nap up on top of the condo and will probably stay curled up there until dinner time.

Juniper has had a great day today, too! She spent time out on the catio and up at the top of the stairs. She got some great playtime today as well, and now she's all tuckered out!

Milo is a sweet, goofy little guy! He often flops around in a great playful attitude, and it's so fun to spend some time with him.

Nala's been enjoying keeping an eye on little Frida. She likes to watch what she's up to from up on her perch in her condo. Entertainment for days!

Oliver is always hard to photograph since he's a tiny panther hiding in a dark cave, but man, he really gave me some good tummy access today! Flopping over and inviting some snuggles, this guy got lots of attention this morning.

Percy is still trying to figure out what our deal is, but he's starting to get the hang of things! He found a cozy spot out on the catio in one of our cat cabins this afternoon.

Rizzo was a total model for the camera today! She really likes spending time with us people, and of course, we adore her.

I only got a few low quality pictures of some high quality snuggles with Mr. Tom Wizard this morning. He loves his quiet, warm den and is always happy to get a little love when I stop by.

That's all for today, folks! We'll see you again on Tuesday with more cuties and all their shenanigans. 



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