Wednesday, October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021

 October 27th 

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! 

We are getting ready for the holiday here!

 Our furry friends are in the festive mood!

Apollo was feeling very snuggly today! He loves finding small nook to take naps in! 

Astro and Nova are settling in well! They love their comfy basket and blankets! 

Bazbeaux is living his best life! He loves hunkering down in his basket with a heating pad and watching the rest of the cats! 

Beesly has settled in quickly and has been exploring all morning! Beesly is glad to back and we are happy too!

Dexter and Watson are back! Dexter did a lot of exploring this morning while Watson decided to stay the day to relax! 

Gidget has discovered the catio! And she loves it! She is always said in the evenings when it is time to head inside! It is a good thing that she is easily distracted by food! 

Juniper is in her element! She loves playing out in the catio! She loves playing with us especially while we are cleaning! She is the best break from work!

Lila was not very pleased when Panther dropped in to say hi! She was very polite about the whole thing but was much happier once I removed the kitten! 

Lily has made friends with the kittens! She has been playing with them all morning and they love her! It is so cute to see their little gang and she is very gentle with them! 

Panther and Ruby have got the zoomies this morning! It has been difficult to get a photo of them as they are in constant motion! They love to play with all of the toys we have! 

Pugsley and Wednesday are settling in well! They are not very interested in the other cats or exploring yet but they are interested in becoming friends with us! 

Schatzi is a great guy! He loves to hangout on my desk chair and is only willing to give it up, if he can sit on my lap instead! 

Groot and Thor have had a great day! They have been exploring all morning! It has been hard to get photos of them both as they are continuously on the move!

Tom Wizard is a lover not a fighter! He loves his basket! The top two things that motivate him to leave are the promise of food and snuggles! 

Zelda loves her condo and people! She is always quick to come and say hi! She will explore in the morning but loves heading back to her condo!

Zolo has been very happy this week! He loves hanging out in the catio! And knows where all his favorite nap places are! 

Cat Fun Fact! 

Cats have whiskers on the backs of their front legs, as well!

See you all on Friday!



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