Thursday, October 21, 2021

October 21st, 2021

 October 21st, 2021

It's Friday Jr and we are ready for the weekend here at AMK! Have you thought about what you and your kitty will dress up as this year? Only a little over a week left!

Here's what our furry friends got up to today!

Arlo was so eager to get out onto the catio today! This morning after breakfast, he kept meowing to let me know he just HAD to get out there before anyone took his favorite spot... Nothing like the comfort of a high shelf!

Arya has found nice places to snuggle both indoors and outdoors! It's nice to get some fresh air during the day, but a warm bed inside can't be beat.

Bazbeaux loves his spots outside as well. He usually spends most of his day outdoors, keeping watch over the catio.

Boomer and Ellis's confidence has just exploded during their time here! They both love exploring and roaming around. Of course, they still make it back to their condo in time for dinner. Nothing like a steady routine to add in some comfort at the kitty BNB.

Fennec and Nagi are some of my favorite guests! I'm so excited to have them back with us. It took Nagi a day or two to remember me, but now we're back to being best buds. Fennec of course picked up right where he left off - flopping into our laps while we work on the computer!

Groot and Thor weren't sure what to think for their first day with us. They've since figured a few things out, and decided on their "bunks". I think they'll be ready to explore their new space soon!

Harrington is a super friendly, handsome guy who loves coming around to each and every kitty to say hello. Some kitties don't love how social he is, but he rolls with the growls no problem. After he's said his morning greetings, he curls up on top of the condos to spend the day watching what everyone else will get up to.

Miss Jaina is back! We were able to schedule her in the same condo she was in last time - little details like that seem to help the kitties get acclimated to their environment again sooner, as evidenced by Jaina's catio explorations today! I think last time it took her a day or two to start exploring, but I know she loves that fresh air.

Junebug is being a ham as usual! She's got so much personality and spunk. I've been happy to see her continue in our routines this stay. She keeps getting more comfortable and happy to bounce around the cattery!

Kipo and Meera are discovering so many new things today! This was their first day getting to explore. Meera was ready to explore today, adventuring all over the office and making new friends. Kipo needs a little more time to figure things out, so she stayed in their cozy den. Now it'll be warm when Meera comes to settle in for the evening!

Marley loves any spot he can fit in that is warm and comfortable. He'll rotate around the cattery as he finds new spots to suit his needs. Today, he liked Boomer and Ellis's condo, but also had to spend some time outside. 

Percy is pretty unsure about everything, but he's found spots that make him feel safe - like hiding behind the broom! No worries, Percy, we can take things at your pace. 

Schatzi loves his condo! He likes perching on his shelf during the day, but sometimes he'll switch it up and hang out in his den. He's a sweet, handsome guy that likes to mind his own business. 

Smokey seems surprised that it was photoshoot time! He's stayed with us several times, and loves his condo more than anything. We always make sure to give him the one he likes!

I have been SO proud of Tom Wizard today! This morning, he was roaming around his condo and gave me SO many cuddles. He was almost more interested in getting pets than getting breakfast! But once I put the food down, I was old news. That's okay, we got some snuggles later, too.

Tsuki has found lots of high up cozy spots to nap! She likes being able to see what everyone else is up to. I think she'll become quick friends with Fennec and Nagi, and maybe even Meera. They're all around the same age, so maybe they can explore together!

And last but not least is Valyria! She's stayed cozy in her condo today - nothing like the warm, familiar comforts of a nice den. She's a beautiful kitty, I can't wait to see her out on the catio and really get a good look at her beautiful blue eyes!

That's all for today, gang! We look forward to seeing you again on Saturday. Take a page out of the kitties' book today - get some fresh air, eat some yummy food, and most importantly, stay comfy and cozy!


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