Sunday, October 3, 2021

October 3rd, 2021

 October 3rd, 2021

Happy Sunday, friends! This week we are packed to the brim with sweet, furry friends. Let's see what they've gotten up to on this chilly fall day!

Bean branched out today to befriend his neighbors, Fennel and Shibden. They graciously hosted him in their den for the afternoon, and he was only mildly displeased I interrupted his nap. 

My girl Bird has been everywhere this morning! The top of the stairs is always a favorite, right near where her condo is, but a high spot downstairs is also acceptable!

Brownie and Miso scared me earlier today - Brownie was peacefully napping in their den with his mouse, but I couldn't find Miso anywhere!... Turns out he was cuddling up with his downstairs neighbor, Cheese. He's since hopped back up and found a cozy spot in his own condo, but it's always nice to make a friend!

Cheese does tend to be on the shyer side compared to Catsby, but even shy guys make friends. Catsby spends his days looking out windows and exploring all there is to see in the office. 

Chip loves her window seat. You can almost bet you'll find her in a window veranda or hopping up in my lap if I give her the chance. We like to spend time snuggled together while I answer emails. 

Miss Cindy can see all that's happening in the office from the top of her den. I caught her today observing the friendship blossoming between Catsby and Chip.

Cougar adores the cat cabins. It's a warm, cozy spot to hide out from the cold weather while still getting to enjoy all the perks of being outside! So much to see and hear. 

Big boy Cousteau spent a fair bit of time out on the catio today. He came inside to investigate the stairs earlier, but really preferred to be spending some time in the fresh air. 

I feel like Dexter and Watson were just humoring me today when I came around to take photos. I love these two boys, and it was nice of them to let me interrupt their day with "Oh how cute!" and "What a cozy guy!" every few moments. 

Sometimes, Duck likes to stay in his condo all day. Here lately, Duck has decided that the TOP of the condo is where it's at. A nice, cozy spot where no one else can see him, but he can watch the world. 

Courteous hosts to Bean, Fennel and Shibden liked being nearby their condo today. They didn't want to be rude and leave Bean lonely! Shibden looks so stunning in that first photo, I just had to include the silly one of her yawning, too. 😉 

I didn't notice until now, but Harvey and Obi are just winter and summer versions of the same cat! They have very similar facial features and attitudes, Harvey's fur is just longer. He spent most of the day keeping cozy indoors!

Jessica really adores her condo. I think this bed was just made for her. She likes to spend half of her time exploring the cattery, and the other half is saved for naps!

Kiva has had a nice day today, exploring the top of the stairs. We had a nice little time sitting on the steps together earlier.

Leo did a VERY big stretch earlier today! What a handsome man. He likes to spend time out on the catio until it's time for food - which he is always thrilled to see!

Stormy and Lillie have had a lovely little day so far. Stormy has been so goofy with her belly up for most of the morning - and it wasn't even a trap! I couldn't resist trying to pet her. Lillie likes to find some cozy spots to nap, and she was willing to share her exclusive new spot (under my desk) with her pal, Oreo. 


Lucy loves a catio shelf! Nothing like the fresh air on a chilly day like today. This friendly gal is happily greeting all our customers this morning. 

Mia's got a routine down the past few days - she likes to roam around the room right after breakfast, sitting in the window seats and saying hi to everyone, then she heads back to her condo for a good snuggle mid-morning. Sounds like the life to me!

There he is, handsome Obi! He looks embarrassed to have been caught playing with the feather toy. No judgement here, Obi, you cutie pie!

Oreo is a connoisseur of fine napping places. Namely, ones where he feels nice and tucked in. So far, this has meant sharing the spot under the desk with Lillie, and napping on top of our files inside the desk. Tux takes the more conventional approach of keeping cozy in their den. He's not quite as adventurous as Oreo, but they both love a good snuggle before dinner. 

Ribby just joined us today! She doesn't quite know how to feel about us just yet, but she did make herself right at home in her den. She curled up for a nap without question earlier, a rare sight for a newbie!

Saba did a lot of fun exploring today! Out on the catio, inside the cat tower, all sorts of fun places for a little lady to go. 

Simba is looking nice and relaxed today, too! He took his time settling in to his condo, but I think he's happy with this cozy shelf. We spent some time snuggling earlier, and now he's curled up napping. Handsome young man!

That's all for today! We'll see you again on Tuesday with our lovely gang of furry friends. See you soon!


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