Saturday, October 9, 2021

September 9, 2021

September 9th

I hope everyone is getting in a spooky mood!

Our furry friends are very chatty today, probably telling ghost stories!  

A council of Kitties on the catio! 


Ada, Rory, and Salem are settling in well! They loves their baskets so it was difficult to get a good photo of all of them! Salem did a little bit of exploring this afternoon and he was sure to come back to report it to Rory! 

Bird is being her usual playful self! She is obsessed with this bird toy! Whenever we touch, she comes running! 

Cheese got a little camera shy after the first photo! Freyja loves her condo while Cheese loves to explore especially the closet! 

Cousteau gets a lot of attention from the customers and he loves it! He always greets everyone who comes through the door! 

Dizzy loves this cat cabin! He loves sitting in front of it and welcoming other cats like a proud new home owner!

Duck has had the zoomies all day! He is a wild man who can not sit still! He has demanded a lot of snuggles from us and the other cats! 

Jojo and Duck becoming friends!

Felix loves his condo and his heating pad! And who can blame him on this chilly fall day! 

Georgia loves to explore other condos! Today, she decided that Duck's condo was the place to be! 

Jack loves to explore! He loves to follow me as I work! What a friendly guy! 

Jessica loves to sleep under the heat of the lights at the top of the condos! She was not very interested in playing as I disturbed her peace! 

Jinx is in love with the heating pad! Only the promise of snuggles would entice him to move! 

Jojo did a lot of exploring today! She even made friends! Check out the photo above of her and Duck! 

Minkah loves his condo! And Jojo loves to photobomb! Still a cute picture though!

We were searching for Kashi and he was watching us the entire time! We laughed so hard! What a funny guy!

Louis has been a little explorer today! He loves to sit above the door and watch everyone come and go!

Mac is very fast and always on the move! It was difficult to get a good photo of him! He has started to become friends with Duck as well! 

Mika is a very chatty gal! She is always telling us everything that she is doing!

Miller looks the catio and the heated beds! 
She is always very vocal and lets us know when she is done with our photo shoot! 

Milo is settling in well! He made himself a huge nest of blanket and he is just too adorable!

Octane has found her favorite places! 
She is either in the window box or on top of the condos! Nothing else will do for her! 

Oreo was not interested in the photo shoot! 
He gave me one photo before going back to sleep! He is such a good chill dude! 

Roger has followed Trudy out to explore as well!
 He has decided that he like the stairs the most! 

Penny is back in her favorite condo and she is not leaving anytime soon! 
She loves watching the today's business from her own comfortable perch! 

Trudy did a lot of exploring today! 
She loves getting into the back shelves and the other hidden places! 

Saba is very playful! Anything is going down and she wants in on it! 

Sarge decided that he was going to take over Zolo's condo for the day!
 I guess he wanted to see what it was like in another cat's paws!

Scarlett has made herself very comfortable! 
She is a fancy lady and she knows what she likes! 

Stitch loves being back and is immediately exploring everywhere! 
It was surprising to get so many good photos of him! Usually he is too fast! 

Tana loves the catio! 
While Kashi goes inside, Tana finds her new favorite heated bed for a good long nap!

Tux was not very interested in exploring today! 
Although he was sure to say hi when I came to get his photo! 

Zolo was sure to pose for his photo shoot! He knows his best angles and he went for it! 


Despite popular belief, many cats are actually lactose intolerant!

Have a great rest of your weekend and we will see you all on Monday!



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