Monday, October 11, 2021

October 11th, 2021

 October 11th, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! We've had a full house this weekend, and we're slowly starting to send a few kitties home from their vacation with us. It's so nice having so many friendly faces around during the cold weather - there's always SOMEONE who wants to cuddle!

Ada, Rory, and Salem seem to love their condo. It's got just the right number of nooks and crannies to hide in. Also, can you even handle Ada's little smile in that first picture? So precious. 

Regulars Bella and Enzo spent an exciting day outside! There's some construction happening nearby, so I think everyone is trying to catch a peek at what's going on.

Cheese and Freyja are getting more and more comfortable here with each passing day! Cheese especially has been chilling today, sprawled out and cozy in the blankets. Freyja prefers to keep cozy inside their den, but they both welcome the company of any kitties that want to come say hello.

Big boy Cousteau has spent his day lounging wherever he can fit. The tops of the condos are especially popular for this big guy, but a nice breeze outdoors is refreshing, too!

Dexter and Watson spent a productive day indoors snuggling and exploring. These brothers are so lovely to have around - both are very sweet and love to say hi!

Can you guess where Dizzy was today?... Of course, his favorite spot, the cat cabins. They are quite cozy, so I don't blame him at all. Louis continues to be a huge help with any and all customer interactions, and he's also always nearby to give us a little nuzzle throughout the day.

Duck has spent the day keeping cozy. I think he explored the office a bit last night, so today he was more tuckered out. He and his downstairs neighbor, Georgia, have had a blast spending time together recently. 

Felix and Scarlett are two opposites that know what they want. Felix adores staying cozy and quiet in his den, while Scarlett wants to explore, meet everyone, and nap wherever is comfiest! 

After a busy day of exploration and playtime, Georgia has settled down in her condo for a little afternoon nap. She and Duck have become thick as thieves in their last couple of days together!

Sweet Jack is keeping things comfy in his den today, too! He likes a quiet spot to curl up, especially in this chillier weather.

Jojo and Minkah are like Felix and Scarlett in that they are a set of siblings that both have their own interests! Jojo keeps it cool and quiet, finding tiny spots to nap, while Minkah likes to chat with everyone.

Mac and Octane certainly keep me entertained during the day! Mac is a chatterbox, always letting me know the latest thing on his mind. Octane will fly under the radar for most of the day until I find her in the cutest, coziest spot and it melts my heart. 

Milo and I got some high quality cuddles in today! This goofball has nuzzled his way into his bed and given himself  blanket by getting under the cushion. He loves to flop around and get chin scratches!

Miss Nala, a tiny queen, is ruling her roost with grace and dignity. She's loving watching what the rambunctious young kitties are up to these days. 

Sweet gal Penny just adores her condo and den. It's always nice having a spot to call your own! 

Sayyida likes to talk to us sometimes during the day. I think mostly she's asking when the next meal will be, but occasionally she offers her thoughts on her lodgings. She is royalty, and loves her basket throne!

Sweet boy Stitch got some quality time outside today. He loves bird watching and hanging out with whoever is nearby!

Zolo kept busy today exploring the catio and inside cat tower. Nothing like some good climbing spots! 

That's all for now! We have several kitties joining us today, so once they all settle in, we'll have some new faces for you on Wednesday! Have a lovely week 💗


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