Thursday, October 7, 2021

October 7th, 2021

 October 7th, 2021

Happy Thursday! It's been a bright and beautiful crisp fall day here in Seattle. We are cherishing this sweet fall sunshine!

We have a full house here at All My Kitties this weekend! Let's see what the kitties are up to on this lovely Friday Jr. 

Bird spent some of her morning rolling around on top of the condos looking as cute as can be. She took an afternoon break to check out the catio and get some fresh air!

Boson and Quark still aren't too sure what to think about the whole "boarding" situation, but it's been anything but boring! They've been exploring every nook and cranny to find the perfect spot to snuggle up together - they've settled on the cat cabins out on the catio, nice and cozy!

Cougar loves his cat cabin, too, but he graciously took turns in it later in the day with another big fan of the cabins - sweet boy Dizzy!

Cousteau has gotten many compliments from other customers today on his glorious coat and magnificent size! He's a big fella, I get my work out every evening putting him back in his condo!


Two of my favorite boys, Dizzy and Louis, are hanging out with us this week! Dizzy can almost always be found in the cat cabins while Louis likes to be where the people are. He's happy to help customers check out when they come to pick up their kitties!

My sweet little Duck just adores the top of the condo. We play a fun game where I'll wiggle my fingers up high to see if he's up there, and he'll respond by playfully grabbing or tapping my fingers!

Jinx is the king of the castle, as usual. A regular here at AMK, Jinx settles in quickly and knows his favorite spots. 

Jojo and Minkah are first timers at AMK, and they've each gotten their own routine down! Jojo tends to stay cozied up in the den, while Minkah will hop out and explore a bit for the two of them before reporting back with any new findings. 

Kashi and Tana are hanging out on the catio today! These kitties love that fresh air and cool breeze. 

Miss Lucy was tucked so delicately on the shelf next to the radio this morning! Sometimes we play a little bit of gentle classical music for the kitties - I think Lucy is a fan. 

Mac and Octane have so much energy today! Mac loves chatting with me all day, and he's so curious about what the other kitties are doing. Octane keeps to herself a bit more, but likes to play with her brother when the mood strikes her. 

Mika is a stunning little lady who has found a few special spots of her own. She likes the baskets out on the catio, and the up high perches on top of the condos too! Any place with a view. 

I know these are not the most stunning photographs of Mira and Tyson, but I just can't help putting them on the blog because of how cute Tyson is! Look at that little camera hog!

Obi is still having a fantastic time with us. He's started to come inside around dinner time, settling in nicely to our little routine.

Oreo and Tux are the cutest, sweetest pair of brothers. Tux hardly leaves the condo, but welcomes visitors to come and give him pets. Oreo likes exploring the office and finding tiny, cozy spots to snooze in. 

Miss Penny is back with us! She has a favorite condo that we try to give her every time she is here. After a few days, she might hop down and explore, but she REALLY loves this spot!

Ribby has spent almost all day napping in the window veranda. Right now, she's conked out dreaming of the dinner to be served later.

Saba was a total ham today with the pink feather toy - she had such a blast playing with it! It was an added bonus to witness how adorable her playtime was. 

Sweet Stitch joined us earlier today and totally knows where he is. He got right down to business exploring and introducing himself to his new friends. It seems like a real bond is forming between him and Bird! Cousteau was also willing to make a new friend, too.

That's all we've got for now! Lots of kitties have joined us throughout the day, so be sure to check back in on Saturday to see a totally wild number of fuzzy felines hanging around.

See you then!

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