Wednesday, October 13, 2021

October 13, 2021

 October 13th

What a Wonderful Fall Day!

Our furry friends are having a great snuggly day!

Ada, Rory, and Salem love their condo! Rory and Ada have been exploring all morning up but were to come back for Salem! They are all big fans of snuggles though! 

Bella loves the catio! She is always up as high as she get and watches the birds! She is a good hunter! 

Boomer and Ellis are settling in well! Ellis did some exploring this morning while Boomer decided to snuggle down for a warm day in the blankets! 

Maisie is a big explorer! She loves to run through the door and up and down the stairs! She loves to be on the move and watch what I am doing! 

Cousteau is a favorite with other customers! They are always asking about him and he loves the attention! 

Dizzy has really opened up this trip! He knows the area and he is a pro! We love to see once a shy cat is so comfort with us! 

Enzo also loves the catio! He is an old hand at this and he knows his favorite spot! 

Felix was exploring this morning and I forgot to get a picture! I will got this photo as he was settling down for this afternoon nap! He sat looking out the window for most of the morning too! 

Jinx decided today was a good day to practice his yoga on the catio! It is wild how flexible he is! The envy of all! 

Since his last visit, Jubilee has decided that he loves my lap for his afternoon naps! This is where he is laying as I write this blog!

Lana del Rey is settling in well! She loves to sneak around the condos and computer! She was exploring all morning but she made it back to her condo for an afternoon nap! 

Louis loves when customers come to pick up their cats! He loves to greet them and sit on their bills! He is sure to hold the bill ransom until he gets enough love! 

Milo is such a sweet shy little guy! He loves playing with me and is always very gentle! 

Nala is a lovely girl! She is not very interested in making friends with the other cats but she loves us! Every time I come over to say hi, she immediately greets me and demands scratches! 

Oliver is a new friend and settling in well! He has not been very interested in exploring yet but he loves his basket of blankets on this cloudy day! 

Rizzo has a couple more photos than usual! She was ready for her photo shoot and I could not decided which one was cuter! She is such a sweetie! 

Sayyida is being her usual chatty self! She makes sure to tell us what she wants and when she wants it! 

Scarlett has found her favorite spot, right above me as I work on the computer! From there she can chat to me all about the day! She is quite the storyteller! 

Cat Fun Facts! Your cat’s grooming process stimulates blood flow to their skin, regulates their body temperature and helps them relax!

See you all on Friday! 


AMK Team 

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