Saturday, October 23, 2021

October 23, 2021

 October 23rd

Hope everyone is having a great wet and rainy Saturday!

Our furry friends are having a very playful day! 

Zelda loves her condo at the top of the stairs! She loves to watch everyone come and go from the comfort of her bed! 

Apollo is being the most cuddly today! He was getting a lot of love and he appreciated it a lot! What a cutie!

Arlo loves the catio! Rain or shine, he is out and about! Today, he came down to get his morning snuggles though! 

Ayra was on the lookout today! I am not sure what she saw in the 
garden but she was intend on it!

Bazbeaux loves the catio as always! He loves watching the birds with great intensity!  

Boo melted as soon as the head scratches began! He got the prime spot right in front of the heating vent and is in heaven! 

Cheeto has spent all day on the heat pads in the cat cabins! He knows where is favorite spot is and he immediately goes there! 

I had three cats fighting to be on my lap today and Fennec was one of them! He was very upset when it was someone else's turn to nap while I work on the computer! 

Gidget was taking some selfies today! She did a great job! She knows her angles well!

Groot was always in motion today! He did a lot of exploring and loves to sniff our hair! What a funny guy!

Jaina was hanging out with Arlo today! They both love the highest lookouts in the catio and they decided to share! 

Juniper decided to have a lazy day today! She took a nap right in front of the heating vent and was very snuggly! 

Kipo is not as interested in exploring as Merra! He loves hanging out in his basket and eating all the food! 

Marley is such a sweet old guy! He loves snuggles and long naps! He can always be found on his favorite catio bed! 

We are glad that Maya is back with us! She has settled in well! She has been exploring all day and loves the catio as usual! 

Meera has a new favorite toy and its my hair! She has been after it all day! 

When Merra is not attacking my hair, she is making friends with Schatzi! They are definitely interested in being better friends! 

Missy and Sarge have decided that afternoon naps are the best after a morning of demanding cuddles! We always give into their demands! 

Nagi warms up quickly and then melts as soon as she gets a good snuggle! What a cutie!

Nala was out and about today! She was another one who was fighting for a spot in my lap! She spent most of the morning sleeping on my lap! 

Panther and Ruby are very playful! They love the window seat and funnily enough the hand vacuum! What funny kittens! 

Schatzi has discovered the window seat and he loves it! He has spent most of the morning watching the rain and the birds! 

Thor loves his basket! The only thing he loves more than his bed is getting snuggles! 

Tom Wizard loves his basket the same amount as Thor loves his! He loves to snack in bed!

Valyria has been a great explorer today! She loves her heating pad on the shelves! She is a very sweetie girl! 

Winter loves to look out the window at the rain! She is very vocal and loves to tell us what she wants! She has not been very amused by the kittens! 

Zolo loves his condo and the catio! He has a good routine! Every morning, he goes out on the catio and every afternoon, he goes back to his condo for afternoon!  

Cat Fun Facts! Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents on the air, which is why your cat stares at you with her mouth open from time to time!

Have a great rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday!



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