Monday, October 25, 2021

October 25th, 2021

 October 25th, 2021

Happy Monday! We had some crazy weather in Seattle yesterday. lots of wind and heavy rain! Today, the skies are a little clearer, but that wind is no joke! The kitties are staying cozy today, with the brave few hanging out on the catio to enjoy that strong breeze.

Strong and brave Arya Stark is of course loving the catio today. She's fierce AND cuddly! A purrfect combo.

Bazbeaux spends most of his time with us out on the catio, but he still makes sure to keep cozy and warm regardless! Those heated pads in the baskets make for a warm nap.

Cheeto seems to really like his condo! He's been staying warm and cozy today, getting lots of love every time we walk by his condo.

This is Gidget's first time staying with us, and so far it seems like she's having a ball! She needed a day or two to figure things out, and now she's all about exploration.

Thor and Groot are similar! They like to stay cozy in their condo, but they've gotten very comfortable here and like to wander around the office saying hello to the other kitties.

Junebug is pretty independent - she's super friendly, but she LOVES being able to do her own thing, whatever that might be! Looks like today, it's a little outside time and a little cozy time. 

Kipo and Meera are doing well! While Kipo often stays snuggled in their den, I actually did see her get out and socialize a bit today! It was quick so I didn't get a photo. Meera is still the more outgoing of the two, but I think they've got a good dynamic. Meera looks like a grown-up version of Ruby, so they've had fun playing together.

Lily is a very peaceful, observant kitty. She likes looking out windows and watching what the other cats get up to! Right now she's figuring out which window has the best view for her to chirp at the birds. 

Panther and Ruby are a hoot! These two young kitties have been bouncing all over the place. They LOVE picking on Meera, and she entertains them. They all spent a lot of time getting into the bowl of toys today!

Schatzi has gotten so comfortable! It really surprised me this morning. He was out strutting his stuff, saying hello to others. He got a little overwhelmed by the kittens' playful energy, so he eventually came back to his condo for a cozy nap to recharge.

Oh, Tom! This shy guy has totally stolen my heart. He comes out in the morning to say hello before I feed him breakfast, and we share lots of snuggles. This afternoon I popped by to see if he'd let me take some photos of our cuddle session, and he politely obliged. What a sweetie.

Zelda's been holding down the fort in her den today! I saw her get up and hang out a little early this morning, but we've had lots of customers coming and going, so I think she's elected to stay where the cold breeze from the door can't reach her.

Zolo is one of our customer service trainees today. He's helping keep track of the bills as the kitties come and go today!

That's our gang for now! We'll see you back again on Wednesday to see what they'll be up to then. Have a lovely week!


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