Friday, October 1, 2021

October 1, 2021

 October 1st       

It is Friday and the first day of the spookiest month!

Our furry friends are enjoying the sunshine!

Ani did a lot exploring and cuddling today! We will be sad to see her head home! 

Bean is settling in well! He is not very interested in exploring yet but he loves a good head scratch! 

Brownie and Miso are settling in well! They have been busy today exploring their condo! They have had many visitors! 

Catbsy and Cheese have both been busy explorers today! As one explores every window, the other explores all of the condos and closets! 

Chip is a very active gal! She loves snuggles, the window boxes and playing with other cats (See photo below of her playing with Lillie)!

Basso and Cindy have been good friends the last couple of days! Cindy was sad to see her friend head home today! 

Cougar has decided to spend the majority of his day at the top of the catio! He was very offend when I took this photo! How dare I disturb his midday ruminations! 

Cousteau is very photogenic and loves to work the camera! He loves sitting at the top of the stairs and watching us go back and forth! 

Duck was exploring today! He had to climb onto every shelf in the office! 

Harvey has settled in quickly! He has not been super interested in exploring! Rather he like to demand scratches from the comfort of his perch! 

Jessica loves the catio! She would be there 24/7 if she could! She is only grumpy when it is time to go at night! 

Kiva is being her usual vocal self! She has been exploring her condo and letting us know exacting what she thinks! 

Lillie got the zooms this morning! She tried to play with everyone and ended up with a new friend! 

Lillie and Chip playing together this morning 

Maisie loves her condo! It is up high so she can watch everyone without having to leave her bed! 

Mia loves get snuggles first thing in the morning! Then she is off to explore and an afternoon nap! She loves a good routine! 

Mia and Catsby are becoming friends today! There was a lot of love in the office! 

Missy decided that it was a catio type of day! 

Obi is a very silly boy! When you go to say hi, he immediate lays down and purrs! 

Sarge decided it was a condo type of day! I guess he and Missy wanted to explore separately today! 

Shibden and Fennel also decided to explore separately today! Fennel explored the inside and Shibden the outside! I am sure that they will give each other full reports tonight!

Cat Fun Fact! Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed!

See you all on Sunday!

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