Friday, June 29, 2012

Agent Orange is on an important mission!

Coco is on a mission of tiny cuteness!

Wiley is on a mission to relax.

Sparrow is winning at this mission, though.

Poor Wiley doesn't have a working lamp!

Sparrow isn't about to give up his spot though!

Nemo comes back in for a snack.

Dixie chills out in her basket.

Stella looks pretty relaxed, too!

Nika does her thing... She always likes to be under a blanket!

Simba is on the prowl.

Brothers Ted and Ollie peep at each other through the door.

Puss 'n' Boots tells Eru a secret.

Ms. Wilson looks pretty in her favorite spot-- the scratch lounge.

Sajah is such a pretty grey!

Pancho Villa keeps watch on us down here.

Foster is good at lounging around, be it in a basket,

or not!

Ubele is out for some fresh air...

...and to hang out with Bailey.  Their names, spoken out loud, sound kind of similar!

Zezou mugs for the camera.

Millie snoozes the day away.

Jackson, too.

Boy, today is just a day of snuggling, sleepy kitties!  Ozzie hides out in a heated cabin again.

Taiko is a GOOF BALL!  We love him, and everybody else at All My Kitties!

See you soon!
Your blog host,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sparrow is quite agile for a 3-legged cat!  He got up to the top of the condo, no problem.

Donk sneaks by behind him.

He comes to a soft landing--- this is an easier spot to be petted by the humans.

We brought in another chair so Nemo could have the office chair-- but his preference is whatever is closest to the computer.

Wiley is a sweet butterbean of love!

George climbs walls!

He's king of the castle, that's for sure!

Sasha swoops in to give Pancho an impromptu smooch!  How sweet!

Simba is a playful girl!

She reigns supreme on this cat tree today!

Angel Kitty flirts for the camera.

Marie's goofball cat, Shiloh, is at it again.

Foster and Bailey are from the same family, and they stick together even outside of their condo.

Sajah snuggles in an outdoor heated kitty cabin.

As does Ozzie.

Eru hangs out with Puss n Boots... and then there is a hint of Taiko if you look closely!

Ubele says "I'm not coming out if there's no tuna in it for me!!!"

"Is there any?"

George settles in for an afternoon nap.

So does Chief.  Or is he making fun of me?

Nika is very good at finding the coziest spots and burying herself in them.

Dixie is prefectly framed by this golden-red basket that matches her fur!

Stella, you too?  Everybody's stickin' their tongues out at me today.

See you soon!

Your blog host,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nemo is helping me write the blog today from the director's chair.

Chief checking out the outdoor activities.

PonchoVilla going fishing.

Ubele is not too impressed with the feather toy but looks pretty comfy in the basket.

Simba likes to observe from above.

Wiley rolling around for the camera.  He's such a loving kitty.

Donk hears a curious sound outside (it's Marie in the garden).

Now he's up close and personal.

He and Newton hang out on top of the condo together.

George having an afternoon nap after romping around outside.

Simba gets up to stretch for the camera.

Puss N Boots outside exploring.

Lulu is enjoying the outdoors today too!

Sasha looks down from above.

Kaplan has found a satisfying use for this hose...

As a chin scratcher!

Lulu knows she's on vacation.

Kitties are cheek scratching everywhere.

Kitty Angel is as sweet as ever.

Thanks for viewing!

Your blog host,