Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30th 2015

Awesome brothers Skeeter and Scooter have returned!

Percy comfy and cozy in his carrier

Bella's a shy one, but we know she'll warm up!

Sweets can't help but live up to her name!

Fred always gets his sun time

You're so big Caruso! I don't know how you fit in that basket

Luna was being super playful!

Lubu being his usual adorable self

Samantha loves her 1 on 1 people time

Who's that up there?

It's Phil!

Indie and badger are back!

Mr. Mossimo, hangin tight

Igor, making sure to get the attention of every passerby

Sam, always a sweet and laid back cat

And here's Haj keepin his belly warm!

Blog today by Miles, wishing you all sunshine and smiles!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th 2015

Our furry friends at All My Kitties are enjoying the sunny, soon-to-be-SUMMER day!

Zee's a leg climer!

Percy loves his towel from home and his neat little carrier.  

He's just the nicest, most floppy kitten!

Fred's nose.  

Benny has been doing very well during his first time here.  

He's an older gentleman.  


Fred is a master of finding new spots to nap in.  

Jilly Bean likes being as high up as she can be in the room.  

Samantha kitty is a sweet little lamb.  

Luna couldn't be disturbed to take her picture.  

Hey, it's nap time!  

Haj just came in today but he's already quite familiar with the place.  

Zee's still trying to climb all the way up that leg.  

Lubu loves to roll around and flop when you talk to him... 

Frankie is in mid-nap.  

Caruso is spending the afternoon outside in the catio.  

Sam couldn't be more relaxed.  

Jimbo found a nice, high-up perch to watch the clouds go by.  

Sam invites us into his cabin for a cup of catnip tea.  

Thanks for checking us out today!

Your blog hosts, 

Ellen and Allison