Tuesday, October 30, 2018




Fin is a busy bee!

Mack models his costume so well

Noodles is a good sport, but he'd rather play with his costumes

Mack Attack! 

Fin gets his daily greens

Noodles looks good in green too!

Lamar tries out a red witch wig

But settles on a spider costume 
Looking good Lamar!

Nazale might be a natural redhead...

Riley and Elviehank have become playmates!
They spend all day chasing eachother and wrestling like brothers!

The perfect hat for Molly!

Tomcat tried on the green witch costume

He prefers to play with it instead of wearing it

Leo looks so dapper in his costume 

Riley says "whose litter box smells?"

Snuggly Sadie

And mama Mona
Just purrrrfect

Holly has the tiniest meow!

Petunia makes her spooky face!

Momo is still warming the place

Elvie looking for his playmate

Fin says "have a fun and safe Halloween!"

Your Blog Host,

Sunday, October 28, 2018

October 28th

Image result for cat playing in leaves

Hooray for Fall!

Double trouble
Well hello Mac!

Fin waits his turn to play with the bengals
After this game, they spent the day chasing eachother up and down the stairs!

Its a Bitty Kitty!

"I can smell what you had for lunch"


Such a ham

Mac likes to greet and say goodbye to our customers from here

I've taken to calling him "Big Mack" since we have another Mac here.



Puss n Boots lives for the catio

Leo in all of his majestic floof!

Johnny Walker
"can I go back to napping now?"

Riley is the sweetest boy!

Tomcat greets a new arrival - Molly

Mona hops down for a cuddle

Riley's favorite spot

Nazale is right at home

Sweetest little Sadie 

She is always down for chin scritches

Mona takes in the view

Thanks for tuning in! 

Your Blog Host,

(Abbey and Momo were feeling camera-shy today)