Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30th, 2016

Thanks for vacuuming, Pablo!

Gomez is the ultimate lap cat

Mia Mosa blends in with her bed

Jubilee is back!

Ollie gets curious in the office

What a face!



Magic yawns big after I woke him up!

Suzy is snuggled in tight


Teddy is truly a delight 

Bits chills in bed


Cyan is seriously beautiful!

Roger awaits dinner

As does his sis Junebug

Bocelli is a babe


Harper's coat blends nicely with the scenery 

Didn't mean to interrupt  your slumber, Lopo!


Ispie is way up there!

Millie washes her hands before dinner

Teddy gets cute for us



Thanks again for stopping by!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28th, 2016

Misu is in charge for the day!

Gomez is the greatest!

Arrow is awesome!


Sweet faced little Wally!

Teddy is a tremendous beauty!



Cutie pie Minnie!

Here comes Bocelli!

Lovely lady

Bits has a bit to say!


Pippin is perfection!

Lamar is a lovely buy!

Ispie has the best spot in the house



Harper has such a glamorous coat

Mittens is all eyes and fur!

Sharpen those nails, Pippin!

Busy, busy weekend over here! Apologies if your kitty did not make it in today. Please check back soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26th

Sun is such a model

Sweet ol' Millie

Liam and Puss'n'Boots hanging out


Minnie is such a cutie

"Whaaa-??" - Missey

Oh Stanley, I love your sweet face

Liam and Sun

Costello has a lot on his mind

Cute little Cyan

Jessica looks pretty relaxed

Bits staring down the camera

Annie loves her carrier!

Cucumber hanging out on top of the condos

Misu is settling in just fine

Louie really likes his condo

Percy is such a chill kitty

Sweet little Taylor

Arrow roaming around

Shishka is thinking about jumping down

Wally has the prettiest eyes!

Suzy the cutey

Rodger has the most beautiful coat!

Sleepy Junebug

Liam loves chin rubs

Mickey has such cute ears!!

Boccelli also loves her chin rubs

Pippen and Rocky look like they could be twins!

Harper all stretched out

Jackson soaking up some lovin'

Oh hey Mia Mosa, what's up?

Sweet little Penny =)

Happy Friday everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen