Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31

Its a quiet house today at All My Kitties
 Bear finds the comfiest spot in the house for a cat nap

Mojo loves to nap in the balmy catio

"I love this cabin!" says Missy

"See? Its mine!"

Kodiak taking a quick break from playtime

Massimo is always wearing a tux to the party

Raleigh would live in the catio if he could!

Eru & Taiko are still looking for their forever home!
How could you resist this face and beautiful markings?

Tana just arrived and is already at home

Sweetest Girl Elfie

Milo exploring the heights of the catio!

I think Milo found his new favorite spot!

Kodiak & Taiko

Tough to be a black cat on a hot day, but Frankie don't seem to mind!
Gotta get them baby blues from Tana!

Domino says "It's dinner time!!"

Thanks for checking us out!


Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29th

Today is the end of the busy holiday weekend and most of the kitties have gone home.

 Minka loves her cat nip toy.

 Hana helping me out with paperwork. 

 Elfie showing an attitude.

She's a sweet girl.
 This pose of Clovis cracks me up.

Yuki is into lap sitting.

 Our girl Fluffy.

 Ahhhh Summer is kind of shy.

 Mossimo opening his sleepy catnap eyes for a photo.

 New cat wrangler extraordinaire, Angela, falls for "pick me up" from Kodiak.

Frankie is an expert at basket lounging.

 Missy has quite a lot to tell us.

 Juno found a very comfortable spot to watch the garden from.

" Take me home!"

  "Take me home!"
 "My brother Eru and I want to live with you and we're both just so beautifully adorable."

 Is Bear looking forward to dinner?

 Mojo loves the catio on warm spring days like today.

Blaise is going home tomorrow.  He looks forward to seeing his people again.

OOPS!  I missed Raliegh, Milo, and Francis in today's blog.  If you would like to see photos of those three cuties, give me a shout at
Your holiday blog host - Marie

Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 28th

 Ella and Lorenzo went home today but I couldn't help but still put their cute photos on the blog.


 Tao also went home today.  Bye bye Tao.  See you next time. 

 Minka is a frequent guest at AMK.  She poses for the blog like a champ.

 Hana and a sister Yuki hiding out today.

I have a thing for cute kitty paws.  Who belongs to these?
 Blaise of course

 Nixie is a nice big cat who likes high places.

 Roo is perched up on top of a condo too.

 Clovis is not quite ready for the cat boarding experience.

 Bear honors us with a glance.

Koa is a frequent visitor. 

Milo is a bit apprehensive but a real sweetie.

Kodiak just begs to be picked up.  And Allison obliges.  

Eru and Taiko are still waiting for their forever homes.  Could it be yours.

How can you pass up a precious paw like this?
A paw that belongs to this sweet boy just waiting to be adopted.

My cat Charles is being the class clown today.  

Peek a boo Jeneau.  

Fluffy begs to be photographed.  She could be a super model I think.
 Oh my goodness.  Isn't she just adorable???

Tenzing has mesmerizing blue eyes.  

 Frankie is staying with us for a month.  She loves it when her people go away because she is the queen here.

Francis treats us to a roll over show.

You are such a handsome boy Francis.

Ollie spy's the window veranda.

Up, up he goes.


And then Ollie takes a long catnip catnap.

Juno loves to be loved.  Ahhhhh!  Nothing like a head scratch. 

Elsa liked sleeping under my desk but then came out and showed us her full, beautiful, Pixie Bob self.  What a great cat.

 Mossimo knows he's a good looking dude.

 Otis looks fierce but he's really just a big pussy cat.

 And Teddy shows us his loving side which is every side.

Jessica is a proud girl.  She is a regular visitor and perches herself on top like she owns the place.  She's been her so often she kind of does.

Apollo has the most scenic view in the house and enjoys the outdoors catio.

 Scout says "Yes please" to her next meal.

This is why some things get deleted from our computer as Roo demonstrates.

 Millie is just contemplating her day.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone.

Your blog host - Marie