Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31st, 2016

Esme is our office manager

Always so organized

Lovely little Leo!

Siblings Cleo & Thelmalou are awoken by the camera. Sorry guys!

Otis loves to chill on the cool floor

Sweet Phil!
Lucy is back!

Aww, Arrow!

Buster get's cuddled by Allison!

Mittens in a basket

Love the bow tie, Ada!

Such a friendly girl

Millie soaks up the sun

Cougar rocks!

Thelma & Louise are sibling beauties

Costello is our gentle giant

Puss just wants to nap!

So does Oliver!

Frosty! We love you!

Roscoe peeks out 

Olivia gets love

It's mighty Millie!

Ralphie's back!


Happy last day of March! Enjoy all the sun!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29th, 2016

Sasha has the best seat in the house

Esme decides to get silly

Back flip!


Thelmalou gets tucked in

Umi is off in dreamland

Kiki is too lovely

Woah, Magnus!

Theo checks out that sun

Cleo snoozes away

I found Phil in the desk!

Arrow and his shadow!

Sabrina looks ready to nod off

Louise's fur looks quite grand with the fabric


Max wants my attention!

Costello wonders why I woke him
Sweet little Askr!

Out and exploring

Olive is astonishing!

Wassup, Lopo?

Millie takes full advantage of the sunny day

Doing it right

Ada is awesome!

Looking pretty mighty there, Cougar

Frank pops out to see the light!


Silly Sooshy loves to hide

Jackson has his sneaky face on...

Enjoy the gorgeous weather this week!
Until next time!
Your blog host, Lindsay