Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 30th

Merlin, King of Mischief.  

Trixie is learning the ropes!  

Cutest Kitten, Proximo!

Figaro really knows how to relax.


Raleigh just arrived.  

Ike lives for the outdoors!


Luna and Purr-C are a ball of joy!


Roscoa is a big fan of his condo.  

Merlin is everywhere!  

Hyra is a cutie-pie.  

Brutus is a real talker!

He's got a lot to say!  

Thoros is the handsomest of cats.  

 Bailey, baby!


Figaro is just the nicest guy.

We love that you love cuddles, Jade!  

Buddha couldn't be more content in her condo.  

Trixie's got a BIG personality!  

Beautiful Bags.  

Elijah is a sweet little mouse. 

Enjoying the breeze, Foster?

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November 28

Still some kitties left after the holiday!

Image result for kitties after thanksgiving

Time to relax at AMK!

Trixie explores the office a little more

Elijah says "hello!"

Sweetest Ollie face

Preparing for the leap!

Buddha snuck into the closet to find a cozy spot

Bags reaches out for some love

Teddy really digs his digs here

Jade resting up after a long morning of exploring

Scoutin' about!

Merlin loves to follow me during photoshoots

He make look stern - but Teddy is all love

Newton begs for belly rubs!

Purr-C so precious!

Lovely Luna!

Merlin comin to join the cuddle party!
All Taiko wants for Christmas is a forever home for him and his brother Eru. 
Welcome newcomers Proximo & Thoros!

Figaro has discovered new heights in the catio

Bailey's a tuff gal

Looks like Ike used up all his energy by lunchtime!

Foster doing his best Lynx impression

There he goes...!

Welcome back Brutus & Hyra!

Scout learning to use the kitty door

She's digging my new pants - what do you think?

Thanks for checking out the blog! Email us if you want more pics of your fur-baby! Or if you are interested in adopting Eru & Taiko!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Scout)