Sunday, July 29, 2012

I spy Gilda's golden nose...

Is she named Gilda because of her "gilded" coloring?

Sophie gives me a stare-down.  She may look tough, but she's a softy when you bring out the kitty comb.

Romeo, oh Romeo.

Wherefore art though, sweet Romeo?

Rainy loves to be petted so much, I had to make an animation of all the snapshots of her enjoying it:

Matilda hangs out in her basket.

Parson licks his chops after telling me what he thinks about me!

Alvin may be up there in years, but he has a healthy appetite, as evidenced by the licked-clean dish behind him!

Koda sniffs the wind to find out his direction in life.

Stella looks pretty cheerful in her cozy basket bed.

Krancis looks cozy, albeit a tad grumpy.

Chief, as usual, is as cozy as a kitty could be.

Millie confidently explores her home away from home.

Mario takes a scratch break.

Bodhi cleans my hands for me.

Zezou is talkative, like usual!

Riley... or is it Jasper? smells something interesting (other kitties?)

Caught in the act.

Buzz has found a nice little hidey hole.

Jasper and Kiki sure do like to keep each other company.

Koda and Puss n Boots seem pretty relaxed together, too.

Mia is so petite and cute!

Notch gives me a loving gaze.

Taiko is made of pure love.

Oscar gives him a run for his money; this guy is always wherever I am! :)

Charley, caught mid nap.

Cordelia enjoys the window box, petting herself against the door.

She does love a little bit of sunshine.

Such a sweet kitty.

We love all the cats here at All My Kitties.  They all have such unique personalities.
Come see us again soon.

Your blog host,

Friday, July 27, 2012

Alvin cuddles up in his favorite spot again!

Sophie knows the ropes.  She's been here many times!

Matilda snoozes by the window, to enjoy the breeze.

Sophie doesn't really like the camera flash... Sorry!

Rainy loves to be petted!

So does Smudges.

She stretches to super-long length to come greet me!

Chief is a napping champion.

Josie always picks this exact same spot to hang out.  And, she always closes her eyes for photos. :)

Stella, what a classic cat pose you're in!

Charley looks like a baby Bodhi.

See?  Here's Bodhi!

But Charley is actually related to this guy, Notch!

Koda prowls around.

If you don't watch your back, Jasper will jump on you and piggy back ride you around!

Kiki will do no such thing!

Bodhi just wants to give kisses.

Puss n Boots is back in town!

Look at these three goof balls!  Eru, Bags, and Oscar are having a secret boy's club meeting.

Clearly, I have disrupted the meeting.

And they begin to disassemble.

Lilly wasn't invited to the boy's club meeting, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Koda is very interested in these plants, and has buried his face in the shrubbery!  Hmm... perhaps because it's cat mint! :)

Come see us again soon!
Your blog host,