Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 31st 2019

Where'd ya get those peepers, Lillie?

Froggie loves to flop and roll for attention.  

My, what pink toes you have Lillie.

Welcome back, Coraline!

Mia still likes hanging out in her carrier after all this time!


Plop has been busy exploring the office.


Lily pulls you in with her paws.

Fun-loving Duncan.

Ceasar says this is HIS condo!

Chausette is proud of her new digs.

Arlo just arrived moments before this picture was taken.

Pepper is King of his Condo!


Nice to meet you, Echo!


Saoirse is a little dove.

Darling L.E.

Lucki loves to follow the camera around.


Fabulous Fresca.

Lucki the Magnificent!

Sadie strikes a pin-up pose. 

What is it about Hobbe's face that make's him look so arresting?

Maybe if you squint he kind of looks like a person head on.  

Ziggie sure is a looker.

Sweetest Duncan.

The illusive Chloe is full of mystery.  

Pheobe stretches out to say hello.

You look cozy, Lady Penelope.



Nap time for Simon.

Chiki sure is a cutie!



Monday, July 29, 2019

July 29

Full Summer Swing 🌻

We have had a glorious week of full-on summer weather,
and the cats are here for it! 

Fresca looking gorgeous amongst the flowers. 😻

Amos is comfy and cozy.  

Hello again, Basso!

Chausette and Caesar are so cuddly!

Duncan in full chill.

A big hello to Echo! Echo...Echo...Echo...

Finou coming in for a closer look.

 Frankie has really enjoyed her stay. 

Gitana is such a sweetheart. 

Hobbes staking out his favorite spot. 

Hello again L.E.! 

Welcome Lady P! 

What a life, Lily!

Princess Lucki on her throne. 👑 

Mia is always so curious!

O'Malley is so handsome! 

Oyster, contemplating life by the fountain.

Playful Pepper!

Teeny Phoebe is back! 

Puss n' Boots is the best kind of goofball!

Roo is just the cutest. 

Sadie, taking in the view. 

Sage: "What ya got there?"

Hello again, Soairse!

Simon is the King of Laps. 

A big welcome to Ziggy!

Zoe's markings are so distinctive and beautiful!


Enjoy the start of your week!
-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team