Monday, November 28, 2011

DeeCee is a sound sleeper!  I draped this blanket over him and he didn't even stir!

Miles & Niles just arrived!

DeeCee is awake, now...

And feisty!

I seemed to confuse Artie by petting him...

But he soon began to enjoy it.

One of the Abby twins goes cross-eyed at the camera!

The flash is quite bright!

Smokey is bug-eyed!

Ohhh, he's fascinated by Artie's tail!

Blurp! A little tongue pokes out.

Aussie snuggles down.  Just earlier she was trying really hard to get into the food room!  I am skilled in diverting cats from that room, though.

Pistachio is a big kitty.  You can gauge cat-size by the floor tiles!

Nyar found somebody's leftovers!

Slurp! Yum.

Here's Chief!

He has a built-in windshield wiper.

Clean-nosed, and ready for the day!

Kitten Sophia is picturesque in the sunlight.

Philbert is in the exact same spot I left him.

Same with Cirrie!

The Abyssinian don't sit still for a minute, though!

Jaime is in her favorite spot.

Uh-oh!  Discovered by a rambunctious kitten!

Zezou is always in the same spot-- that is, two steps behind me, meowing!

(Such innocence)

Sophia really knows how to work the camera.

Misty gets out to soak up the sunlight.

Thanks for reading!  See you next time!
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Lulu was so thirsty, she drank Bumper's water!

Chausette watches from upstairs.

Bumper doesn't mind any of those things.  She is snuggly in her basket!

Artie somehow looks energetic even while he's relaxing in bed.

Jessica stands in front of Aussie's condo.  Aussie has a nice cozy spot!

Pistachio has squeezed into a cozy spot of his own!  Kitties love these tiny hidey-holes.

Millie was actually sitting like this for a really long time.  She looked like she was posing, so I took advantage, and took a photo!

Smoky was so sound asleep, his little foot was twitching while he dreamed!  I think I woke him up... whoops!

Chloe poses for me.  She's so cooperative.

Nyar is a cutie!

She rolled around and purred!

Haji?  Or Taji?  It is hard to tell...  And I've got practice!  One of them has rounder ears and one has pointier ears, but of course I cropped the ears of the picture somehow.

I interrupted Jackson's bathtime!

Yana is a sweetie, and she always hangs out in this basket outside.

Tinkerbell is a lucky kitty to have a heated cabin.

Philbert is a silly guy!

Cirrie, up here!

Jaime also has a cabin, and the last one...

...goes to Misty!

Chausette has followed me outside!

Zezou, do you want some attention or something?

Sophia rubbed her face all over my head, purring all the while.

 She sure is a loving kitty!

Archie is chillin' out right now.

Butterscotch stays in his condo most of the time, but he LOVES being petted.


Just a little scratch under the chin.

"Excuse me!"

Baby hangs out on the tops of the condo.

Z is for Zilla, and she peeks out at me coyly.  I can't lure her out, because she knows I'm going to brush her!