Monday, July 30, 2018

July 30th

Summer Days Driftin' Away 

Pepper loves playing this game when I clean his condo

Lift-off for Jack Black!

Hugo is contemplating the meowning of life

Chloe sings to me when she wants some attention

Bobbin all tucked in like a bun in a basket

Luna Lovegood lives up to her name!

Little Hana can't wait for a lap

Black & White
Hana & Luna

Juno makes sure we get her "good" side

Welcome Echo & Ziggy!
Already out and about exploring

Yuki found the perfect snuggle spot

I am so happy to have Nazale back!
We've missed you baby girl!

Hugo is just hanging out

Percy has the sweetest pink nose

Juno cools herself off by dipping her tail in her water bowl

Princess Andy in her palace

Percy loves the window spot in his condo

And shows me a perfect down-cat pose!

Baby was all snuggles today

Andy pops up to say hello between cat naps

Loki rivals Roger for the best "blue steel" look

Junebug forgot to bring her foot up with her

Get it Fresca!

Oh Roger you're so handsome

Showing off his toe floofs

Jessica shows me her claws...

...and her teefs!

Litte Coconut Kitty would live in the catio if he could

Woke Miss Chloe up from her nap

Luna says "is it Seafair already??" 
Fresca-beans checks out the clubhouse

Purr-C you are just purrrfect! 
Alice found a filtered sunspot to stretch out

Owl loves to love!

Oyster looks like a baby kitty 

Buddy & Corbyn have a cat-chat

Gitana wants all the pets!

Mia does too but she plays hard-to-get

If you hold your hand next to Millie's face, she will pet your fingers with her teeth! 
Such a pleased girl

Lamar finds a spot that I always pass by to ensure he gets optimal pets

Steve matches his nose with his tent!

Kitzel took her turn on my lap during my break today

Misu could hang out in the AC, but she seems to prefer a shady box

Chloe cuddles!

Pippin's floof doesn't keep him indoors long!

Simon takes his turn on my lap
and thanks you for checking in!

Your Blog Host,

(& Simon...& Chloe...& many helpers today!)