Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 29th.

As September comes to a close and our last blog for the month, we have a selection of adorable kitties who are our wonderful guests today.  

 Is it Yuki or Hanna?

 Brody loves his little spot at the top of the stairs.

Sister and brother Harriet and Archie look like they're plotting something.  Or maybe their telling secrets about the other cats.

 Abbie.  Sister Sadie was camera shy today.

 Oscar looked that way

 Then Oscar looked this way.

 Then Oscar finally got fed up with the flash and moved up to the shelf.  Front shot next time maybe. 

Archie peeks over while Miele trots by.

Archie is such a nice boy.

 Elfie looks majestic.

Or maybe he's wondering if dinner is being served soon.

Blanton checking out the garden.

Neither Blanton or Elfie are interested in posing for me.

 Otis showing off his tricks again.

 Alice is a new little guest.  She has a lot to say too.

Ok, it's the other one.  Hanna or Yuki?  I should know by their different collars.

 Leo and Kittles are so sweet and love sitting out on the window veranda.

 Voldemort is yet another tabby kitty.  What a nice big cat he is too.

 Bocelli is the sweetest girl.  She loves her carrier almost as much as she loves her meals.

Sadie is another Senior Citizen who just likes to hang out in her own space while watching the world go by.

Thank you for watching our blog.  Today's host - Marie 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27th, 2016

Leo is a new guest of ours. What a lovely lad!

Sibling Bo takes it nice and easy

Clovis makes day dreaming into an art

Siblings Loe & Kittles hang out together in the window!

Bocelli is bae

Sweet heart of a little lady!

Lily lounges luxuriously 

Hana wnats us to get her good side

Love your multicolored coat, Suki!

Brody is the best boy!


Magic takes comfort in high spaces

Is that you, Yuki? You blend in with the shelf!

Addie is one adorable girl. Check out that eyeliner!

Sadie is a little snooze ball

Misha, there you are!

Nixie nods off to dreamland

Harriet has much to say today


Mila has marvelous markings

Blanton is in the zone

Elfi loves the little houses

Harriet shows off her hiding skills

Otis flops for us!

Have a great warm, fall day!

Your blog host, Lindsay