Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28th, 2016

Sooshy, are you cuter awake or asleep??

Fender is fabulous!

Gibson is gentle 

Puss wakes and stretches

Cookie scratches and looks cute doing it

Kaplan is so photogenic I couldn't myself

Beautiful boy!

Annie is adorable

Nyar pops out to see the sun come out

Henry is so handsome!

Millie on the move

Ozzie is a bit caught off guard



Mittens knows what a model she is

too much cute!

Here's Garth!

His face is as sweet as his demeanor! 

Beautiful Beau get's some love


Wayne is wonderful!

Bing is the best!

What''s on your mind, Sabrina?

Snugglin' Spike

Sweet little Umi is a sleepyhead

Thanks again for checking us out! Until next time, your blog host, Lindsay

Friday, February 26, 2016

February 26th

Bing is such a cutie and kept rolling around!

Miss Hana snug as bug

Sabrina has the most beautiful eyes

Missy is too cute! She moved to sit with me while I work on the blog =)

Spike is one handsome ginger kitty!

Sabrina just hanging out

Miss Yuki is such a doll

Sooshy! What a cutie!

Buster is the sweetest kitty

Cookie soaking up some ear rubs

Puss just hanging out
Gibson is loving his room with view

Classic Gus smirk

Minnie looooves her chin rubs. What a doll!

Fender sitting pretty (feat. Gibson's glowing blue lazer eyes.)

The magnificent Simba

Beau is such a ham
caught him mid meow!

Kaplan stalking the camera

Annie posing for me

Millie looks like she just tasted something gross with that tongue sticking out!

My sweet Yana

Henry loves the catio

Rex wanted to make sure I got his best side

Garth getting up close and personal

He's such a cutie!

Wayne relaxing in his tent

Nyar, is it getting too cold out for you?

Gorgeous Umi settling in.

Happy Friday everyone!
Your blog host - Ellen