Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Here's our first Halloween black kitty Zilla.  She loves her Furminator comb.   

Our second Halloween kitty is Krancis.  He's just waiting for a trick or treat.  Most likely he wants a treat.  
Gabby has the Halloween arched back thing going on.

Wally girl is just a very cute cat.  Yep, that's her name, Wally.

This is Philbert, who is our third black Halloween kitty here at All My Kitties today.

I think Bailey just saw a ghost.  

Brother Foster comes to check it out.

Peanut just lounges outside and is much more interested in birds rather than ghosts.

Zezou is always a welcome guest.  What a handsome guy.

Sky usually has a lot to say, but he's just taking a break right now.  Vocals soon to follow.

Jasper and Riley's first day in the outside "catio."

 Sabrina is an old gal and doesn't do too much, but she loves the bed that her guardians brought for her.

 Arrow looks like he's ready for a smooch.

And here it is folks!  This year's All My Kitties backyard pumpkin.  SCARY!.



Friday, October 28, 2011

It's almost Halloween, and the cats are going batty!

Two kittens feasting!

One kitten harassing Tigger!

Well, more like-- stealing the show!

Tigger says "Hey... I'm cute, too!"

"Kittens get all the attention... *grumble grumble*"

What's this?  A business kitten?

"Yes, please have it on my desk by noon tomorrow."

I'll have you in my clutches by noon tomorrow, business kitten!!!

His brother is not amused.

Which twin are you, business kitten?  Jasper or Riley?

I refilled the water bowls and everyone was happy.  Krancis takes a nice long drink.

Sky laps it up!

Sabrina glowers.  Don't give me that look, Sabrina!  You let me pet you earlier, so I know you don't hate me!

I think I woke up Maaike.

Maaike leeeaaaaans...

And resettles.

"Whew!  Waking up is hard work!"

King Zezou has arrived!

Mowgli, cute as usual!

Feeling a little crazy...

and BAM!!!  Through the cat door!
(This photo is actually after the fact, but earlier some blur of a kitty ran through the cat door so fast she blew the door right off it's hinges!  I don't know if she thought it was funny, but I sure did!)

Mowgli teaches kitty yoga:
Beached Whale Pose

Lying Down Warrior Pose

Horizontal Pounce Pose

Hmmm... I'm noticing a theme in Mowgli's yoga.  All lying down poses...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toys and Tents

 Kitten twins Riley and Jasper hang out in their cat tents.

 Artemis and Lyre enjoy tent time too.

 Black cradles in a basket while Luna looks on.

 Mowgli stretches out on the heated floor.

But wait, there's a new toy in the cattery.

 Mowgli in full attack mode.

 Once again, SHE'S GOT IT!

Hermione is indifferent about this new toy.

 Beautiful Chloe shows some interest but is distracted by the flash of the camera.

The kittens come out to investigate, but aren't sure what to make of it.

 Tigger has no interest.

 Muggins just plain doesn't like it at all.

This is Ziggy.  He is such a handsome big kitty.

Thank you for tuning in.  Your blog host, Marie.