Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29th 2016

We've been busy doing after-party clean up now that Spring Break is over.  Our kitties friends are ready for more fun!
Glamorous Luna!   
Cute little Lucy is starting to warm up to her new surroundings and prefers to use her carrier as a tent for now. 

Delilah is a chatterbox!

My two kitties from home are here for the first time and have made themselves right at home!   

It seems that Nadia would rather nap than do a photo shoot with me.  

Frankie is an animated flopper!

We love you Millie!  And we loved your friend!  Buster was an exceptional cat.   

Annabelle is a happy-go-lucky girl.

Purr-C wants to be everybody's best friend!

Stella is picture purfect.  

Leo watches and waits in the catio.  He must know his mom is coming to take him home today.  

Pi is an intrepid explorer of the catio!   

Olaf has a cozy set-up inside his carrier!  

Umi is lovely all in white.

Jackson comes and goes when and wherever he pleases.

Thank you for checking out the cool kitties!

Your blog host,


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mittens is magnificent!

It's nap time for Umi and her big feet

Nadia found a cozy haven in a hut

Her sis Annabella is quite the friendly little lady

Chewy is a cutie!

Such soft fur

His sibling Pi is a jet black beauty!

It's Luna and her enormous eyes!

Maggie says, "Is this my good side?"

Leopold is a little explorer today!


Julian chills out in catio house

It's Purr-C on the prowl

Frankie is divine feline
We love Jackson and his gorgeous marble eyes!

Thanks once again for checking us out!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lucas loves the office!

Umi has some serious napping skills

Annabella and Nadia are such precious siblings!

You will often find Annabella insisting on a cuddle or two
Lucas is all over the place today!

What a looker

Mittens can't be bothered right now

Maggie struts her silly side

What a face

Luna and Purr-C are always the life of the party!



Frankie knows she's looking mighty fine today

Pi very much prefers the great out doors

Julian gets sleepy in the sun

Leopold just loves his shelves!

I found Chewie all snuggled up like a bug in a rug

Gus looks like he might be smiling!

What a guy.

Happy raining/sunny/cloudy Monday!
Until next time!
Your blog host, Lindsay