Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29

Gigi! Look at that awesome marking by his nose! so cute

Francis out exploring!

leo! what a perfect pose there 

Roux and Francis hanging out together on the cat tree 

Atticus staring me down! good thing he has the sweetest personality ever.. 

Francis hanging out 

look at those white whiskers!! Spike :)

Atticus after the stare down...told you he has the sweetest personality ever!

started coming to All My Kitties as a kitten, look how much sweet Roux has grown!!

Hey there Pi you've got something to say?

Skippy Jon out at his favorite place...outside!

Sushi :) found a spot in the cattery that seems to be a good fit for her 

"don't eat my food!"- Chewy :)

What a cutie Buzz is.. 


Oh Phil! The little talker 

Sugar lives up to her name..she is sweet and precious!

why the look Noor? the speckle on his face is too cute

Po Po! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27th

One of Sugar's favourite spots!

Aww, Twyla has such a pretty coat.

Who says cats only love themselves?

Lady Tchiang comforting Kuro after his vet visit.

Phil has such a cute little stumpy tail.  He wouldn't let me take a picture of it though.

But he sure does have a lot to talk about! 

Sassafras is full of sass! No but she really is a sweetheart. 

Sugar's other favorite spot.

Precious Kali getting some beauty sleep. Gotta keep that fur looking good!

Buzz has decided he really likes the top of the stairs.

Josie is sooo comfortable, she won't even look up at me.

It's Gigi's first day here and she's already made herself at home!

Roux is really diggin the top of the condos.

And chin rubs. =)

Oh my goodness, what is it Francis?

Wow! You would not believe the story he just told me!

Annie enjoying some fresh air.

Tiger came down from the office again.  What a cutie.

Bentley posing for the camera.

Little Rosabelle is all tuckered out.

Sam found a nice little bed behind one of the condos.

Roux is just too cute.

Skippy Jon staying cool outside!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25

Cornelius checking out the upstairs.

Frank made it out of his usual hut for this lovely weather!

Skippy-Jon waiting patiently for me to brush him.

Our handsome boy, Lopo.

Frank is too cute. My kitty had the same white mark on her lip too!

Sugar trying to get some sleep. Look at those cute little feet.

Lady Tchiang and Kuro love each other so much.

Sassafras enjoying some of Marie's fresh cat nip.

Twyla is also a big fan of the cat nip.

Buzz is super cute and friendly too.

Cornelius hanging out on top of the condo.

Ziggy! What a sweetie she is.

Sam's ready for his close up!

Sam and Roux both smell something interesting.

New friends =)

We took Tiger down from the office to get some fresh air. I think he's having a good time.

Bentley wouldn't let me take his picture today.

Here's our other kitty named Tiger.  Two cats with the same name at the same time! Can you believe it?

Aww and here's Kali finishing up her breakfast. Yum!