Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday)

Lulu is a ham for the camera!

Sophie M.

Poncho Villa

Bobby is a handsome dude.

DeeCee ventures out of his cat tent, only to be met face-on with a mysterious UFO!  But-- he is unphased!

Molly is comfy in her heated kitty tent.

Oscar, gazing at Lulu.

Then, they look away.

Pixel shakes her head so fast she becomes a blur!

Oscar contemplates...

It's a nice day for sitting and thinking.

And for conga-line dancing!

Archie is quite the talker!  He always replies (loudly) if you call him.

And he snorts when he eats!!!  Don't tell him I told you... but I think it's cute!

Chausette loves her high perch in the "catio."  You will almost always find her up there.

Malachi roots around in the grass.

Holland pops through a hole--

and attains BASKET NIRVANA!

Mia says "Shhhh!  I'm trying to surprise Tabitha!"

But Tabitha is already wise to her shenanigans.

Just for good measure, here is Mia, making a funny face!

Meanwhile, in the garden, the little planties are thriving!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday)

This morning I heard such a racket, and then some kitty grumbling sounds-- so I checked in the office and found Sophie climbing up and down and up and down Bella's condo, much to Bella's chagrin:

She must have gone up and down a good 5 times at least!  She would get to the top, try to squeeze through the gap between the condo and ceiling, decide against it, climb down, seem confused about where to land, climb back up again, etc.  In the animation you can catch a glimpse of Bella observing the goings-on!

Sophie thinks she is a big help around the office.  I won't tell her otherwise!

Bella, with her big thumbs, would be a great hitchhiker.

Minka is an expert at chillaxin'.

Lizzie, too!

Gabby, not so much.  Gabby, I'd be your friend if only you'd let me!!!

Miava is one cool cat!

Zezou, as usual, has lots to talk about.

Look at his impressive prehensile tongue!

Lots of tongue sightings today.  This one belongs to Malachi.

Phoenix really loves catnip.

And her new friend, Pixel!

Hey Pix.

There's something on your head!  She doesn't care at all.  She is the best chillaxer of them all.

We have many more adorable photos to share.  Stay tuned for pictures of DeeCee, Archie, Bobby, Lulu, Tabitha, and more tomorrow!  Meow!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minka appears to sit atop a mountain peak!

Abbott and Costello, like their namesakes, are big, funny fellas.

Here's Abbott, recapping the "Who's on first" routine for me.
But it falls flat without the help of Costello.

Kashi strikes a pose.  He is the Dennis the Menace around here right now! :)

Ivan... camping?

Tana, Kashi's sister:

Don't you just want to snuggle her?