Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31

Tess just came in this morning but she seems pretty settled in already.

Lucy looks like she's plotting an escape mission.

Twyla's just happy to be in her favorite spot.

What's with the tongues guys?! Loup (above) and Chief (below)

I'm gonna go out on a limb here but I think Sushi is pretty darn comfortable.

Moe is such a crazy kitten!

Jo all nice and cozy in bed.

Bombay is SO HAPPY to have a friend to play with! 

Butt rubs for Spike! He's been following me all over the place and just can't get enough attention.
He's such a sweet boy.

George feeling a little camera shy.

You can tell George and Marcel are definitely brothers.

Mojo may be wearing the cone of shame but that's not stopping him from enjoying this beautiful spring day.

Koa soaking up the sun.

I hope you all are getting to enjoy this lovely weather!
Your blog host - Ellen

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What to do????

Yum, Pancakes for Sunday breakfast.  Who doesn't like that???

What to do?  What to do?  
Some of you may have experienced cleaning out your elderly mother's clothing and found a beautiful mink stole that she once cherished.  But in today's' world, and for good reason, you know it's incorrect to buy one, own one, and never ever wear one, but what do you do?  So I asked the cats at All My Kitties.

First to try it was Mittens and she is obviously not amused.

Sushi thinks her own coat is much more beautiful, and I would definitely agree.

Ha ha ha.  This is my favorite.  Twyla is hoping no one sees her.

She much prefers her natural chinchilla look.

The only one who really wore it well was my male cat Shiloh.  I always thought he was a bit of a dandy.  

Rest In Peace to all those gorgeous animals who were sacrificed in the name of vanity.
I still don't know what to do with this thing.


  Mittens just learned that she is going home tomorrow after her "people" were gone for three weeks in Thailand.  

  "Yea!  Yippee!  I'm so excited to see my momma and daddy!"  She loves it at All My Kitties too, but our feelings aren't hurt.  She'll be back soon enough when Mom and Dad go on another adventure.

Frank is looking sooooo cozy.  He loves it outside in his warm bed, even though there's a spring rain storm going on.

In the morning before Mojo's first day at All My Kitties, he decides to duke it out with the neighbor's cat (or visa versa).  Hence a wound on his leg and the cone.  His people barely made it to the airport after an emergency visit to the vet.  MOJO!!! 

Dinah is loving hanging out in the office.

Junior is in the office too, with me and Dinah.

 Jessica is so proud of herself posing on the doughnut toy.

Round and round it goes.

 Another proud camper, Koa.

Spike looking adorable in his basket.

Here come George, Marcel, and  

 Loop, who is not ready to come out of his carrier yet.

Moe is looking pretty settled in on his first day at All My Kitties.  This is his second visit here, so it's much more relaxing for him.

 Spring is in full swing and Lopo is loving it.


Two cats staring at you.  One real, one not.  Can you tell the difference?

Here is the real kitty.  Jo.  What a sweetie.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!
Your blog host - Marie

Email suggestions on what I should do with the fur thing.  Thanks.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27th

Twyla getting her beauty sleep.

I think Dinah is enjoying the view from her condo.

Spike is just the cutest!

Well aren't you handsome, Koa?

Mittens was all over the place this morning!

I took about 5 other pictures just like this one.

Finally Mittens is staying still long enough for me to snap a good picture!

I wonder if Frank and Lopo know there are other places to hang out?
They definitely have their favorite spots!

Sushi is ready to take on the day!

Just as soon as she sharpens her claws.

I got some new shoes the other day and wanted to show them off.
We do our best to look the part here at All My Kitties!

Your blog host - Ellen