Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30th 2015

During these last days of Summer vacation we have lots and lots of kitty guests, some new but mostly our regular clientele.  You may recognize a few.

Catamaran is such a handsome guy.

Mittens doesn't seem to mind that his buddy Tikki isn't close by. 

 Cinnamon popping her head out while Mitchel continues to nap.


Oh here's Tikki out on the window veranda taking in the summer breezes and the scent of changing seasons.

Rufus looks pretty snugly in his cocoon bed.  


Cocoa hasn't boarded with us for the last couple of years so she's being kind of shy.

Diablo knows dinner is on it's way and is anxiously awaiting.

Bear likes his condo at the top of the stairs so he can watch all the activity coming up and down.  

He also sees that someone has gotten their dinner already and 
it's not him.

Yep, Kashi's the first to enjoy his evening meal.

Nixie is planning her big jump to higher places.

 She made it and here's a nice comfy spot high on top of a condo.

A lot of kitties, like Badger, prefer to be up high. 

Max, on the other hand, likes the comfort of the carpet.

Sasha has wonderful distinctive markings. 

Francis, I'm not sure what you're doing here.  It's looking a little suspicious.  

 Another cute photo of Sasha

Indy really prefers to be outside most of the time.  He has claimed this basket as HIS. 

Harper hiding outside in one of the cat cabins.  Before long we'll be adding the heated pads inside for the weather change.

Kaplan is the cutest.  I love Pixie bobs.  Of course I love all animals.  Pixie bobs are just kind of cute.

 Xinhou knows every cat here.  She's is so sweet and greets all the new and old kitties.  She's comfortable with everyone.

Tana has been here many times, but I think she just really wants to go out into my backyard and beyond to go hunting.

Bear.  Yes we have two Bear's this weekend.  This bear has marvelous white whiskers. 

 Holder has gorgeous body markings.  He looks a little startled by the flash from my camera, but he is a really nice friendly cat.  His buddy Desi is also here.  Blog photo of Desi next time.

Francis and Xinhou just loving looking at my garden.

 Sambi has turned into an almost permanent fixture at AMK.  He's been here longer than a month.  His people come visit him several times a week so he knows he hasn't been abandoned.  Isn't he adorable and so so soft?  

Francis just checking things out and being cute. 

Pippin is perched up high too.  He didn't even blink when the flash went on.

 Here comes Elvira.  Maybe she's going to help me wash the floor?

Check back in a couple of days.  If you don't see enough photos of your favorite furry friend, send us an email to

Your Sunday blog hosts Lindsay and Marie

Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28th

Finley looks like he's showing off his "crib" like on the TV show

"And this is where I bird watch"
Mittens enjoying some fresh air

The window is the place to be apparently!

Kiki and Tikki getting to know each other

Sweet little Nixie napping away

Mitchell has such striking facial features

Cute little Cinnamon

Desi has very dreamy eyes

Chin rubs!

I walked into the room to find this

Frances is VERY pleased with his new bed he made.

Sambi strikes a pose

Holder needs attention and he needs it right MEOW

Tana looks soo sleepy

Kitty Angel strikes a pose for me too

Aw Miss Jessica didn't like the flash. Sorry sweetie!

Costello looking into the distance.

Lincoln has beautiful green eyes

Xinhou loves to perch up high

Sweet Kaplan

Miss Badger is such a cutie

I love Indie's pink little nose

Scout is too handsome

Kaplan climbing my leg for some attention

Xinhou attacked my hand with kisses

Sasha can't decide if she wants to be upstairs or downstairs

What kind of face is that, Kashi?

Max soaking up some cuddles from Miles

Bear looks so refined in his shiny tuxedo

Other Bear is feeling a little camera shy

Cleo looks soo cute!

Captain squints at the flash.

Your blog host - Ellen