Sunday, February 26, 2012

Philbert & Zezou are bros.

They really love each other.

Jazz makes funny faces for the camera!

Hobbes found the warmest crevice.

Happy as a clam!

Or...  peas in a pod?

Kung Fu has claimed this island!

He's very serious about it.

(I don't doubt it!)

Holloway peaces out in the pagoda.

Tampa, come out!

Well... maybe just a little.

Chewie has eyes like headlights!

Stella naps, her favorite pastime.

Chloe stretches tall!

What a pretty girl.

Sharley curls into a tight ball.

Dixie is restless today.

What to do?

Should I stay indoors?

Or go out?

Outside, Jazz enjoys the sunshine.

He can absorb the warmth through his big ears!

Ahn'Ly makes the most of it, too!

Buster, in his favorite basket, as usual!

Rosabelle is in a stretchy mood today, too!

Oh!  I guess Dixie decided to stay indoors.

I'll be off on a road trip for the next month, adventuring through the southern US states, camping and eating delicious food!  I'll miss taking care of your kitties, but I'll be back at the end of March.  Wish me luck!  (And be extra nice to Marie this month: she'll be working extra hard!)

Your blog host,

Friday, February 24, 2012

 From outside I took a picture of  Kung Fu looking at the backyard wildlife from the window veranda.

 You put your right paw out, you put your right paw in...

 Hobbs knows all the moves.
He likes the cat veranda too.

 Jazz watching all the activity below.

 OK Phoenix, are you trying to be a rabbit? a fox? A very scary kitty?  Whatever!  You're not fooling Sky.

 A thoughtful moment with Sharley.

 Phoenix settles down in this itsy-bitsy heated basket with Ahn'ly looking on.

 Jazz has something to say but I just don't know what it is.

 Buster is such a sweetie and a regular visitor to All My Kitties.

Rosabelle wants to make friends with Buster.

Peek a boo. 

Oscar kind of went wild with this string.

Chloe just came in today.  She's a frequent visitor too.

Muggins...You've been here plenty of times to just chill out, for goodness sake. 

Rosabelle tries again to be friends.  This time withLucy.

Nope, I think she's actually sniffing out Lucy's food bowl.

Lily asked for a window seat. 

Ahhhh, the afternoon nap is soooo delightful. 

Stella is quite comfortable in her condo.  Stella has been my guest for years. 

Ahn'ly and Jazz, even though from the same family, have separate condos. 

But they pulled a condo switcheroo on me.  You didn't fool me kitties.  

Chewie likes his cat head basket. 

Holloway and his sister Tampa just flew in from Eagle River Alaska yesterday. 

Tampa isn't quite ready to come out of her carrier yet.  But hopefully she will at her new home.

Hobbs tries to make friends with the broom.  We know already he doesn't like the vacuum.

* * *

Friends, I recently had someone tell me that he and "people of his profession, FROWN" on how I let my boarding kitties run around.  For those of you who don't know this, All My Kitties is all I do.  I don't have another job, I don't have kids, I don't have barking dogs (ok, one, but she doesn't bark), and I live here 24/7 to watch, play, take silly pictures, and love your kitties.  I can't tell you how much this job means to me and I am so thankful for it, you, and your precious kitties.    

If this person has his way, all kitties would be boarded in cages like this:


Thank you all for your continued support.

Miss Wilson

Marie Martin
Proud owner of All My Kitties