Sunday, December 30, 2012

the last of December

Venus and Smudge bonding!

Mink :)

little Jackson is sound asleep 

Thought this was a really cute one of Lyre! 



That little orange ball would be precious Jackson.. 

Poncho just seemed so perfectly posed for this photo! 

Cougar :)

Oh Newton going in for the stretch.. 

Zezou :)

Chloe made good use of this cat nip toy 

Isis and Mink learning to share :)


Even Palu  and Coco were bonding too :)


And Sophia and Malachi bonding too! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28th

Jessica fit right in with all the Christmas decorations 

Millie playing some cat nip toys from Santa 

Aw Mary and Isis :) a precious pair 

Aren't you handsome Butterscotch!

Jaime may or may not be in love with this cat bed.. 

Such a perfect depiction of Ollie's awesome personality 

Zezou our talking kitty 

Aw Newton! 

Smudge :) 

Monique did not seem amused by the camera.. 

Lopo's back :)


Bartleby making the classic persian face 

Lola Miss Photogenic.. 

Pheonix :) 

Sophia just wants to be friends with everyone and everything that walks in the door...she truly is a doll 

Buster :) sound asleep 

The comfiest possible way for Roseabelle to sleep 

Pepper :) This precious kitty is always so active! Wish I could have gotten a few more clear shots of her

These two don't mind sharing! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26th

Zezou always with a smile 

Juliana seemed a little shocked by the camera 

Pheonix and Newton hanging out 

Tinkerbell :) 


Going in for the stretch.. 

Aw Newton 

That would be Wade up there.. 

Wynona and Theo bonding

Precious Sophia likes to wait on the ledge right next to the door so she can greet every single person coming in 

Lola :) Looking content to have found a cabin with a headed bed inside

Beau posing. Handsome tuxedo :) 

Awww Josie 

Palu..a little unhappy with having his photo taken but he is the sweetest thing ever 

Aw Venus :) Wish I could have gotten a little clearer photo but as soon as she saw me she came running up to the camera

These little lively ones..Jerry and Istra 

Yes Pepper that is a treat in my hand for you