Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 It's been too many days since our last blog so here are a lot of kitty photos starting with RIDLEY who has joined me in my office and has taken over one of the office chairs.  He looks so cozy and almost hidden in the camouflage blanket.

 Smudge is also sharing the office with Ridley and me.

 Tinkerbell looks surprised to see me but maybe it's because I woke her up from her nap on the cat tree.

 Jamie in one of our heated outdoor cat cabins.

 Millie is outside too.

 Lopo sharpening his claws on the cabin roof.  He might be acting like he's tough, but really he's a very gentle guy.

 Kitty looking lively.  She is new to AMK and hasn't ventured out of her condo yet, but she seems to be quite comfortable.

 Tinkerbell is still annoyed with my photo taking.

 Sophia is a young kitty and so full of energy.

 Pixel walks around like she owns the place.

 Hi Frank.

 Pistachio has a very unique hair cut.  I like it.

Pixel up high watching the cattery action.

Whose that Pixel?

Oh it's Lopo again.

Here's Dora.  What a sweet girl.

Dora greets her brother Bailey.

Here's Bailey being quite comfortable in his basket.

Dora again peeking out for the camera.
Eliza LOVES to be up high on a perch in the cattery.  She also likes to go outside and explore.

Dora just can't resist helping me clean the condos.

More pictures of Kitty.  

Finally the twins, Eru and Taiku.  Can you tell them apart?

Host for today:  Marie

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