Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28th

Jessica fit right in with all the Christmas decorations 

Millie playing some cat nip toys from Santa 

Aw Mary and Isis :) a precious pair 

Aren't you handsome Butterscotch!

Jaime may or may not be in love with this cat bed.. 

Such a perfect depiction of Ollie's awesome personality 

Zezou our talking kitty 

Aw Newton! 

Smudge :) 

Monique did not seem amused by the camera.. 

Lopo's back :)


Bartleby making the classic persian face 

Lola Miss Photogenic.. 

Pheonix :) 

Sophia just wants to be friends with everyone and everything that walks in the door...she truly is a doll 

Buster :) sound asleep 

The comfiest possible way for Roseabelle to sleep 

Pepper :) This precious kitty is always so active! Wish I could have gotten a few more clear shots of her

These two don't mind sharing! 

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