Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8th 2015

The house is full of new-comers this week and they sure are a lovely bunch of cats!

Ella just came in for the first time this morning and she's quick to up to the place.

Kona waits patiently by the door to greet everyone as they walk in.  

Arrow is back!  And he's such a nice guy!

Gigi likes to keep it cozy in her condo!

What a good boy you are, Benny!

Puss is a darling little girl...

She loves to be pet on the head!  

Ozzie is one cool kitty.  

Sweet little Lazer relaxes in the bookshelf.

Dependable little Benny, always on the computer chair and happy to share his seat.

Eevee just arrived last night and she's a very confident girl!

Flarian is truly a lucky guy to have a sister like Eevee! 

Jazzmine is a very happy-go-lucky cat.

She can really strut her stuff!

Guiness, what are you doing in the closet?  You're always in a new spot!

Puss reigns supreme from on high atop a cat tree!  

Have a great day!

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