Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17th 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Ciao Bella, Bocelli!

Bags is impossible when it comes to taking photos.  He always blinks!

Magic's face is the best part!  

Did you pick out a new condo for yourself, Nino?  

How'd ya get to be so sweet, GG?

Tana is a natural beauty.

Ollie is always so dignified. 

Pouncer exudes an air of confidence wherever he goes.


Lookin' good, Teddy!

Leo is a proper gentleman.

What is it about that spot that you like so much, Sabrina?  You're always in it!

Buddha, baby!

Rainy and her basket are nearly inseparable.

That you in there, Marley?

Ziggy's coat is so very, very black.

Little Byte's condo is merely the center of her operations.

Kitties is a lioness!

Sweetest Frank.

Tana is surprisingly tolerant of all this malarky.

Cougar's a real sport!

Lopo is lucky!

Have a great Saint Patrick's Day!

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